May 122015

Marvel Future Fight All CharactersA Marvel Future Fight post with information for All Characters. You can view all the characters from the start of the game by tapping the MARVEL Universe button on the Team screen. There you can look at everyone who is playable, their location and increase Rank, Level and Master to see what their stats will be when they get there.

Getting your hands on Biometrics will be one of the biggest things holding you back in the game. Eventually your gonna be grinding certain bio’s and materials for gear a lot. Knowing what to work for and what’s no good will save loads of gameplay time, especially when there is a limit to how much can be earned a day.

Team Bonus will play a huge role in DPS and taking down big targets. When using certain combinations of heroes you will unlock passive buffs, special skills for combat and when switching between them in battle will do extra damage. You can view everything that is available without having to guess by tapping Team Bonus on the Team screen, then select All.

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Marvel Future Fight All Characters

The below chart is for a maxed out hero and only includes Rank, Level and Master. It does not include the increases from equipment and skills. By the look of things there isn’t that much of a difference when it come to base stats, though some are much better than others. By far the biggest influence on strength will be a group effort with combined bonuses and special moves.

Hulk and HulkBuster take #1 overall with almost the highest physical attack. They lack in physical and energy defense, but make up for it with the highest base HP not including gear and skills. The worst out of the bunch seems to be M.O.D.O.K. with a very low number across the board. Though they numbers can speak for themselves, skills and group combo’s can make up for it. Check out our post on the Best Hero/Character for more info on what should be invested in.

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