May 122015

Marvel Future Fight ArenaAfter a bit of play the Marvel Future Fight Arena will become available. Inside the Arena you can face other players from around the world, but your fighting a computer not a real person. You’ll get to bring in 3 characters and the fights will always be on auto. The last one standing wins. You will get 10 try’s per day with an extra 5 chance to get revenge on someone who has beat you.

When your done here visit out MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ for a growing list of related info.

As you defeat others you will climb the weekly ranks with the chance to win large amounts of Crystals when the competition is over. The higher your rank the lower you green % will be and the better rewards you can get in the end. This is one of the best ways to get free Crystals. Tap the Details button to see the possible rewards.

When you are successful at a match you will gain both Rank points and Tokens. Winning in a consecutive succession will earn a bonus per match of up to 10 Rank points. For this reason it can be good to fight weaker opponents to keep the winning streak bonuses. Tap the refresh button in the top right corner to bring up a new list of opponents.

Honor Token Shop

Inside the shop you will be able to use tokens to purchase Biometrics for 6 different heroes. You will also be able to buy master stone that are used to increase all hero stats and turn there yellow stars red. It might be a good idea to save you token for when you really need them. The heroes can be a really good investment if you plan on using them long term.

Chaos Token are harder to come by and will let you buy higher grade items. Right now I have no clue how to get them, but check back soon and I’ll put that info right here.

For guidance on who to use our Best Hero/Character can help answer some questions. We also have a chart for All Characters that can be used to see how strong someone will be at max level.

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  1. Chaos tokens are won through Villain Siege. I have a question about arena. Do team bonuses or even leader bonus make a difference in arena?

  2. You don’t get an extra 5 attempts for revenge, these use your 10 daily attempts as well

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