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MARVEL Future Fight Assemble PointsMARVEL Future Fight Assemble Points are only acquired from people on your friends list. Without friends you will never get any Assemble Points. Luckily its very easy to get a max of 50 friends pretty quick.

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MARVEL Future Fight Assemble Points

How To Get/Give

Your Assemble Points can be view in the top right corner of the screen next to Crystals on most places. At first you might have been wondering what the heck that spot was for since clicking on it does and shows nothing.

You get 20 points when friends send them to you on the Game tab located in the Friends/Allies areas from the main screen. You’ll also need to use the same screen to gift back and give to everyone at once. This can be done once a day per person for a maximum of 1000 points. Getting 1000 will be pretty hard though as it can be difficult to get a full list of regular players. You can collect your gifts in the Inbox.

The good thing is that their is a timer next to each person that will tell you how long it’s been since they last played. This can be used to remove inactive users and replace them with potential givers.


The only thing to spent points on that I have found so far are Assemble Boxes in the Shop. The contents can vary between just about everything in the game including Biometrics. They can also me used to refill energy when your running low. These are must haves when it comes to speeding up game progression and having the Best Hero/Character.

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  1. If assemble points come in 20, why do i have 295? I keep getting a random 5 points from somewhere. Please help

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