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Marvel Future Fight Best Hero Strategy GuideThis is a fully updated Marvel Future Fight Best Hero Strategy Guide. There is older info out there and on this site, but the below is much better as I have played longer. I will  help you grow fast and play this game the fastest. There is a right and wrong way and the right way is massive fun.

Check back as this Marvel Future Fight Best Hero Strategy Guide can be updated with new content. Also don’t forget to check the comments below for user submitted questions and answers. This MARVEL Future Fight Wiki has the full list of everything related on this website.

Marvel Future Fight Best Hero Strategy Guide

The main idea is to get your hero or villain to max stats at rank 6 stars with all red Master and be level 50. To reach the max level you have to have 6 stars which will require lots of Biometrics gathering. The heroes that have the fastest access to large numbers of bio’s will be the fastest to max out. Some are very slow to increase rank as their bio’s are hard to come by.

Hardest Heroes to Build

Hulk – Does big damage with high HP, but you wont be seeing this guy until after 140 Villain Siege wins.

HulkBuster – The only way to get biometrics is through Dimension Chests which are free once per day. You can get a package at the shop for 50 bio’s that will take you to rank 3, but after that rank 4 is gonna be slow to get. Probably why the developers are giving this away for free at start. Because it’s free and super strong it makes sense that it would be hard to improve, but sped up by paid options.


Easiest Heroes to Build

Falcon – Has 2 packages available in the store for 100 quick bios, then 3 possible locations to get on Elite 2-5, 4-7, 6-2. Speed is also good as for me I don’t have a third type and have lots of materials for upgrading.

Team Bonus

Some combinations will get you 2 different Team Bonus that include a pair and set of 3. These will offer large passive bonuses then other for an advantage. Their is only one that will get 3 different sets of bonuses and their first on the list below.

Daredevil, Punisher, Spider-Man – Enemies of Kingpin
Daredevil, Punisher – Means and Ends
Daredevil, Spider-Man – Misfortune of Fate

Thor, Loki, Malekith – Unite under the Tree of Life
Thor, Loki – Band of Brothers

Thor, Loki, Angela – Siblings of Asgard
Thor, Loki – Band of Brothers

Iron Man, War Machine, HulkBuster – Iron Mania
Iron Man, War Machine – Tony’s Toys

Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil – Hello Hell’s Kitchen
Luke Cage, Iron Fist – Power of the Fist

Spider-Man, Venom, Captain MARVEL – Journalistic Integrity
Spider-Man, Venom – Symbiote Shock


Save your crystals for packages in the shop that will help rank up characters super fast. Crystals are a paid option and you can also get them for free with first time completions on Normal and Elite missions. You can also get them from raking high in weekly Arena tournaments, the top of the list is always worth more points. Getting top 1% is pretty easy around level 30 when doing the arena almost every day.

Best Heroes and Villains

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  1. What about the Combination of Spiderman+Venom-Bonus and the Spiderman+Blackbolt-Bonus?

    This is so great. The Bonus will give, your team bonus on Attack DMG, Attack Speed, Crit Chance and Crit DMG. These 3 Charaters are unlockable quite fast with your starter team in the middle of the game.

    The Support Moves of Spiderman and Blackbolt will help Venom to rush trough the lines of enemies sooo fast.

    You should better know this! ;)

  2. Sweet guide! But please show us the new team bonuses after the Guardians of Galaxy update :)

  3. info equipment: what are time of crowd control and the bonus with liv in statistics?

  4. show the new team bonus of antman & co.

  5. They actually forgot the guardians of the galaxy combo (any of the five combined)

  6. Also, you guys know a site where I can get updates for future upcoming heroes? :) I’m very much excited to get more heroes. So addicted, currently on VIP 2, almost VIP 3.

  7. lol I just got hulkbuster and im SHIELD lvl 5 and at level 7 xD

  8. Also don’t forget the Hulk combo, you noted that there was only one three bonus boost but this is incorrect. With Hulk, Red Hulk and She-Hulk you get three and I’ve found this to be an amazing combo although focused on brawler only. You get Hulk in Bulk (all three), Gamma Family (Hulk, She-Hulk) and then World Breakers (Hulk and Red Hulk) also a fourth boost for having them the same rank. Making this one of the top combos if on par for levels and gear.

  9. let’s get the agents of shield info up. thanks!

  10. More like a question: Where can I find the material icon on Marvel Future Fight….

  11. Update please! And add stat caps =)

  12. great blog Im a big Marvel fan from France

  13. How do I switch my main team from 2 player to 3 man squad? And how to switch Iron man out for gwen pool?

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