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Marvel Future Fight Best Hero CharacterThe Marvel Future Fight Best Hero might vary slightly with gameplay style. Having only one best character is unlikely as having the correct combo of teammate will offer special bonuses. For this reason it’s more about the best team. Regardless of what you focus on your gonna need a lot of Biometrics to get things done.

In the team area you can view all the heroes, even the one you haven’t found yet. You can also increase there levels for the purpose of seeing what their stats will be when maxed out. Using this tactic you can find out which will be the biggest hitter and who will have the most HP, along with other stats. It will be hard to go on this info alone as skills play a big part in defeating your enemy, some are just better than others.

For more related info visit our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ. Things will be updated regularly in the next week or 2 so check back often for new stuff. If you have any insight feel free to mention it in the comments to help others.

Marvel Future Fight Best Hero/Character

In the beginning your gonna want to stick with Captain America and 2 others that you get right away. You will have 4 heroes from the very start for the first 2 or more days of gameplay. You’ll also be increasing Captain Americas rank very early so he will be the #1 choice for upgrades early on.

You may notice that several of the heroes on the team select screen start at rank 3. These can be considered more useful as they are harder to get. They can also be more difficult to deal with as you may get them much later requiring lots of grinding to play catch up.

You will eventually hit a limit with a hero and will not be able to upgrade them further or will have to wait to upgrade them again. This is a good chance to increase the strength of other characters that may be useful in the future.

The chart below is from the MARVEL UNIVERSE screen that can be accessed from the Team area. You can see what the max stats would be for certain areas without having to upgrade them or even have them yet. For more check out the All Characters list.

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  1. I appreciate you doing this list but this list doesn’t take into count damage per second based on skills and their cooldowns.

  2. This is a good start to view overall stats. I have developed the following strategies.

    The goal is to pick 3 characters and play the heck out of them until they are strong enough to form their own teams. I picked my original team based on future “team bonuses”. For instance, Captain America (Cap) is one of the original characters so I started leveling him immediately. When combined with Winter Soldier and Sharon Carter much later on, the team gets 2 additional team bonuses. By having Cap first and leveling him quickly and early on, he was able to run the other two through tougher levels helping them to catch up. Ironman and Ultron were my other two choices. My ultimate combo is Hulk, Red Hulk, and Hulkbuster who get 3 bonuses from being a team but Hulk and Red Hulk take a while to get.

    Additional reasons for doing this are first, you can focus on just those three characters. Focusing on all of your characters is a waste of time and won’t give you much progress. Second, they each have different types of abilities (blast, speed, strength, all) so they aren’t fighting over leveling and upgrading materials. Third, is to prepare for “Villian Siege”.

    Later on (around level 26 I think) you will unlock “Villian Siege” which reward Chaos Tokens which you will want later to unlock certain characters. To progress as far as you can in Villian Siege, you will need multiple teams. It works like this. For the first Villian Siege level you will be prompted to select 3 heroes for a single battle against a level 23 boss. Win or lose the fight, those 2 heroes can no longer be used in another Village Siege until the mission reset the next day. So! It’s important that you have 3-4 teams that can beat each level. ALSO! If you do lose a battle, you can pick three other characters to finish where you left off and again, they will no longer be available after being used that day. This is helpful when you have a boss down to 5% and you can just pick a bunch of low levels to sacrifice themselves in an attempt to finish him off.

    Another area to become involved in asap for Honor Tokens (similar to Chaos tokens). Enter the arena, click “get ready”, pick your team, and if you just want tokens? Choose the weakest apponent possible. You are not actually playing against another person. You are playing the computer controlling another person’s team. Kick their but, get your 50 tokens for each of 10 daily victories, and enjoy! You can also be competetive with weekly rank as a way to earn lots of free blue gems.

    Don’t worry too much about GEMS until you start getting ones with 2-3 stars. And don’t try to level your gems until they have 4 stars — too expensive. I try to update GEAR as I go because it does make a difference. Around level 30 materials because very hard to find. I leveled SKILLS up for everyone until level 10. They become exponentially expensive and only apply to your “special skills” in game by the attack button. Run as many elite missions as you can to get biometrics for your main heroes. Each additional star adds huge benefits. CLEAR TICKETS enable you to immediately spend energy to beat a level and reap the rewards. I don’t use these for two reasons — 1) no experience is given and 2) ally or enemy rifts. Sometimes when you play a level a random character will show up to assist and/or fight you. If you win the level, you get their biometrics.

    Shield lab sort of sucks. Focus on teh Anti-Matter Generator (gives you gems — upgrading gives you more gems) and Dimension Warp Device (use gems to run 30 minute missions, you don’t actually run the mission, you just enter it and 30 minutes later it ends — rewards include random biometrics).

  3. i leveled many heroes to 40~45 with 4~5 stars.. i think green goblin is rly strong, i can take down 100k HP bosses using all his skills once, vision and spider are rly good for arena since they become invulnerable while using skills and spider also stun

  4. Please update this chart. Please

    • Hulk and hulkbuster have a max health of 17574 with no other bonuses. Also some missing characters

      • 5861 is hulks attack and 5605 is hulkbuster attack. Do there stats aren’t identical like your graph shows and the numbers are wrong. I’m assuming from an update

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