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Marvel Future Fight Best TeamThe Marvel Future Fight Best Team can vary slightly when it comes to Nord Stones, but for the most part Heroes are very different when it comes to gear and leveling. There are of course some that are much better than others. In the long run your gonna want to have many character that are build up, not just a group of your favorite 3. This will be especially important if you plan on making use of the Villain Siege.

While playing the Arena I have noticed that the Hulk and HulkBuster are the toughest opponents to deal with. Even when they are 5 or more levels less than my guys they still put up a good fight. As you can see from the chart below they both have the highest base HP out of everyone and there base attack power is just below the best.

So for me, I’m pretty sure that one of, if not, the #1 Marvel Future Fight Best Team would be the Hulk, HulkBuster and Thor as they all go together in the Team Bonus area. I think that Thor would be the weakest link, but there is only one combination that include both the Hulk and Buster called Blunt Force.

When your done here check out the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ for a ton more related content to help shed light on thing.

Marvel Future Fight Best Team

Using a group of Characters that get extra bonuses when together will offer huge benefits when it comes to survivability and DPS. You will unlock an extra skill that can be used during battle to combine all heroes attacks into one high damage move. The countdown timer will be much longer than regular skills. Then, when switching party members in battle others will appear for a quick extra attack. You will also get special permanent passive buffs that can be viewed on the Team Bonus screen.

Using a group where all members belong to different types like Combat, Speed, Blast and Universal. This way they will have their gear upgraded faster from a mixture of material colors found on mission completions. Instead of having 3 Combat units that all take the same material to upgrade gear, then having to play the same missions over when the other color materials are going to waste. Many of the top Arena players seem to use this tactic. Choosing people who can have their bios found easy and in big numbers is key also as some can take forever when compared to others.

This chart show the max out numbers for all heroes and only includes Rank, Level and Mater. It does not take into account stats from gear, Stones, skill and other upgrades. You can find this info in the MARVEL UNIVERSE menu. This Best Hero/Character post has more information that you might find useful.

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  1. well whoever says blunt force it good fyi my iron man took down hulk and hulk buster alone in arena they were all lvl 40 and 3 starred just like my iron man

  2. Guys don’t think and just take the journalistic integrity team harvest them and you are the master of the game thus team contains captain marvel spider and venom the best team ever with 2 team bonuses which also include increase in hp don’t take any other team except journalistic integrity that’s the best and most easily available option

  3. You also get guaranteed captain marvel biometrics x3 and also you unlock spider and venom in elite soon enough and also spider biometrics can be harvested by dimension rift also which is an added bonus so the best team is journalistic integrity

  4. I go with team pym. Yellow jacket and goliath are great (they’ll be giving it 1000 free gems soon so getting the costume isn’t a problem), antman isn’t the best character but he fits in well enough. You have all 3 main combat types to fight anyone, 3 team bonuses (trainwreck, student and master and team pym) as well as providing a 5% hp but for every mastery of giant man. Only real problem is getting antman biometrics, the other two are quite easy to get.

  5. No one ever mentions Loki Thor and Sif. Sif as leader 10% hp bonus on leadership 5 bonus in total. Only one in the game that I have found and unstoppable.

  6. My best team is team payment which also includes train wreck and student and master

  7. I just started playing, but so far I like the Masters of Martial Arts team with Elektra, Iron Fist, and Daredevil.

  8. My best team is Hulkbuster, Red Hulk, and Hulk. Hulkbuster has physical resistance, he’s giving my team +8% all attack with 2 red stars, I get 4 different team bonuses, plus they are all bada$$!

  9. Guys, whatever team you use it will be the best because you are playing and i know everyone will try their best to make the team better. I have Venom(5-star), Moon Knight(4-star) and Ultron(6-star,4-star mastery)
    in my first team and they are awesome.Likewise everyone will have a team which is the best for them and this is an awesome game too

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