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MARVEL Future Fight BiometricsMARVEL Future Fight Biometrics are used to unlock and upgrade the 37 and counting heroes available for play. Biometrics will increase the star count rank of a hero which will in turn raise all their stats and allow for better skills to be used. 6 stars is the best you can do with each on increase the level cap up to a max of 50.

The full roster of playable characters can be viewed on the Team screen, then tapping Marvel Universe. There are 4 classes including Combat, Blast, Speed and Universal. You can tap their icon to see more detailed information about them, then tap the Locate button on the bottom left to see where to find them in game. You can take it even further here by having the option to mimic level increases and see what their stats would be.

Visit our growing MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ for lots more related info. Check back here in the near future as this post can be updated regularly.

MARVEL Future Fight Biometrics


When farming for better characters keep in mind that some are only located in Dimensional Chest and Rifts along with Tokens. Just because you can spend to build someone at first doesn’t mean you should. You might get them fully intact from a Dimension Chest and can then spend metrics to increase their rank right away. If you have more than you can play with it’s best to hold of for this reason.

Arena – You can have up to 10 attempts in the Arena per day with the chance to earn Tokens. These can be used at the Token Shop to purchase bio and mastery materials. Increasing your rank in the Arena will offer daily prizes of Crystals which can be very plentiful when reaching the higher ranks.

Dimension Rift – These can be different compared to regular mission as there probably will not be multiple load screens during the mission. This can be used to run from enemies while skills recharge to avoid damage. You can often find bio as an enemy drop here as well. The fastest you’ll acquire characters for free without paying crystals real money. These will pop up randomly after completing certain missions, will close again after a certain amount of time and can only be played a certain amount of times.

Elite Missions – One of the best places to farm biometrics is in Elite missions, though you can only play each up to 3 times a day without VIP. Each Chapter will have multiple stages that can produce bio’s. Getting a drop is not a guaranteed, but is an absolute must for building up a hero to be the best.

Shop – Inside the Shop there is a Chest tab that’s hold different ways to acquire and upgrade heroes. Every 24 hours you can get a free Dimension Chest which has the chance to drop metrics and fully complete heroes that are playable right away. Probably one of the better places to spend crystals.

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