May 182015

Marvel Future Fight Black WidowThe Black Widow is a playable character in Marvel Future Fight with the Speed type. You will start the game with Black Widow for free. In my opinion she is fairly weak with her low HP and low defense. If your planning on using her make sure to find the Best Team so you can take advantage of passive buffs and new skills.

This MARVEL Future Fight Wiki has a ton more stuff that can help make things easier. Check back again in the near future as it’s being updated regularly. Please lead feedback and opinions in the comments below.

Marvel Future Fight Black Widow

Stats – Every hero has the same base stats area shown in the below table. Gear will offer many unique bonus to everyone. This table only shows the max for Rank, Level and Master. Gear, skills, ISO-8 and other bonuses are not included.

Skills – These are Manual action or passive abilities that apply during battles. You start with 2 and will need to reach Rank 3 for the 3rd skill, rank 5 for 4th passive and rank 6 for 5th skill. It can take a very long time to get all of them so try and focus on a good group for the long haul.

Striker – When you have certain other heroes with you in battle they will respond and aid you with a certain rate. Triggers can be health loss and changing members.

19% HulkBuster
19% Winter Soldier
16% Black Bolt
16% Daredevil
16% Hulk
16% Iron Man
16% Luke Cage
15% Falcon
15% Hawkeye
15% Sharon Carter
14% Ghost Rider
13% Captain America
13% Iron Fist
13% Spider-Man
11% Captain MARVEL

Strong Against Blast

All of the below Characters have Blast type and will take more damage from Black Widow. Combat>Speed>Blast>Combat is the order in which things do more damage.

Iron Man
Red Skull
War Machine

Weak Against Combat

These characters will do extra damage to the widow with their Combat type. Combat types have better defense overall as their only 6 Heroes which will do extra damage to them.

Black Panther
Captain America
Doctor Octopus
Iron Fist
Luke Cage

Here is some more info that will help you decide on your Best Hero/Character. Finding a good team early will make the game go much faster.

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