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Marvel Future Fight Bonus Mission Clear Ticket CrystalsBrief info on Marvel Future Fight Bonus Missions, Clear Tickets and Crystals. For a full list of everything related check out our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki.

Feel free to add to this info by leaving stuff in the comment below. It’s a good place for any questions and feed back as well.

Bonus Mission

Bonus Missions are a great way to earn Norn Stones for Mastery and Exp Chips. They can be unlocked by earning stars in Normal/Elite stages. You’ll need to have the first five missions open to get the daily bonus and the daily completion crystal bonus.

These use to be extremely difficult with lasers everywhere, but have been change to simpler hurdles for better farming and enjoyment. To give an idea of what your in for I’ve got a level 36 3-star group (Buster, Iron Man, War Machine) and I just unlocked the 6th bonus mission, there are 8 total.

Clear Ticket

A clear tickets is used to quickly complete a Normal/Elite stage without having to play it. The down side is that you will not gain any character or shield exp. These can be great when you need to blow a ton of energy before a level up refill.

Earn Clear Tickets by:

  • Achievements – Daily, Weekly, Quest and Event.
  • Dimension Rifts – You’ll probably get the most from here over the course of the game.
  • Special Missions


Crystals are the paid form of currency that can be gotten for free in many ways. A few times a week there developers like to give a way free large amount of crystals by sending them to your inbox. Try to save up at least 1650 for a good Biometrics package in the Shop, they can give a member or party a huge power boost. Below are the different ways you can earn them.

Earn crystals by:

  • First time completion for Normal/Elite missions.
  • Achievements – Daily, Weekly, Quest and Event.
  • Developer Gifts
  • Arena Rewards
  • Buying them

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  1. Would love to see an explanation of the benefits for the VIP system in the store. You gain levels as you buy crystals. For instance…
    1. Recharge Elite Mission Entry Count 1 Time: How does this work? is it free or does it cost Crystals?
    2. Free Draw Time – 1 Hour. What is this? I assumed it was a free dimension box each hour, but that does not seem to be the case as my countdown for the next box is still based on 24 hours. What is the free draw that looks like I get each hour?

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