May 142015

Marvel Future Fight Chaos TokenMarvel Future Fight Chaos Token can be earned only from completing Villain Siege challenges. The only thing Chaos Tokens are used for is to purchase Biometrics for the Hulk, Venom and MockingBird along with Speed and Universal Nord Stones. You’ll get 50 per completion, but getting large numbers of them won’t happen until you have a large strong party.

Marvel Future Fight Chaos Token can be very hard to come by in the beginning with the player only being able to earn about 50 per day in the first week or 2. As soon as you get a strong party that is large in numbers the earning will increase to more comfortable numbers.

We have a great deal more information on our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki that gets updated regularly. Be sure to check it out when you done here for a ton more insight along with some special bonuses you probably won’t hear on any other gaming website.

Marvel Future Fight Chaos Token

Chaos Tokens are probably the fastest way to unlock the Hulk early as he seems to be one of the Best Hero/Characters in the game next to the HulkBuster. You’ll want to make sure you get token every day so when the time comes you’ll be ready. It might not be the best idea to spend them all right away. I would wait at least until you have enough to do something with rather than just adding a couple bio’s st a time. This will better prepare you for the moment when you get a free hero from chest or developer gifts that you weren’t expecting.

The Nord Stone are almost a complete waste unless you really need them. The can be earned much easier and far cheaper by playing Elite missions, especially during Events times when the cost is reduced by half.

Are Walkthrough also has more stuff that can help make the long journey faster and easier. If you have anything that you would like to add feel free to mention it in the comments below along with any questions  you might have.

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