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Marvel Future Fight Characters ListThe Marvel Future Fight Characters List consists of 37 playable heroes and villains right now, though they could add more in the near future which I have a feeling they might. You start the game with Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow, then will get another random one very soon into the story.

It’s recommended to keep the Capt. max out until you know more about what you want long term. This Walkthrough will help shed some light on things so you can take advantage of whats available better. With a game like this that can take a long time to complete it’s best to educate yourself for the long haul.

Also be sure to visit our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ which has links to all the related content on this website with easy navigation.

Marvel Future Fight Characters List

The below chart shows the max settings in the MARVEL UNIVERSE character descriptions area that can be access via the Team screen. I have put the best stats for a certain field and highlighted it with blue. The worst ones are highlighted in red. The numbers are only for max Rank, Level and Master. They do not include stats from gear and skills.

From the looks of things the Hulk and HulkBuster have the best stats overall. They have just below the highest physical strength and the most HP out of everyone. What they lack in defense they seem to make up for in HP.

In the long run though your gonna want a team that has a 3 way combo for some serious DPS increase. When heroes are in a Team Bonus they will trigger a friend attack when switching to one. You will also get a uber skill that does big damage to groups or single targets, but has a very large cooldown time.

We have more insight on the Best Hero/Character that can help you in the long run. Also knowing more about Biometrics can speed up the process. If there is anything that you would like to add feel free to use the comments.

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  1. Please add Dr. Doom rhino and juggernaut also Hercules if possible to the character roster.

  2. I can’t find any info onJessica Jones. I’d like to know if T2 JJ is worth the t2 ticket?

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