Jun 192015

Marvel Future Fight Clear TicketA Marvel Future Fight Clear Ticket can be used to complete a stage without actually having to play it. They can be gotten from many different locations in game, but have a few down sides that make them good for only certain situations.

For one you will never get and experience for your Heroes or S.H.I.E.L.D level. For this reason they Are the best to use when energy is needed to get ride of before leveling up and wasting it. Once your S.H.E.I.L.D level reaches 50 or your character levels reaches max the exp part isn’t a worry anymore.

In the beginning these can be a little scarce and you probably wont have enough. Once your heroes start to get higher level gear you gonna need to farm Dimension Rifts for Debris where you’ll also earn tickets on the side.

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How To Use Clear Tickets

Another downside besides not getting any exp is that they can only be used on Normal and Elite missions. Once you have gotten 3 star you can quick complete the mission from now on using tickets. The limit for Elite missions is 3 plays per day per stage.

When it comes to getting materials for upgrading equipment these things can really speed up the process. They are also great for getting a few things done on the fly.

Where to get Clear Tickets

There are multiple places to get these things in game with the most popular probably being Rift’s for late game players. Once a players gets heroes that are close to level 40 you’ll have a ton of left over CT’s that could not all possible be spent. Unless of course you plan on using them a bunch regardless of the exp penalty.

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