May 132015

Marvel Future Fight Dimension RiftsMarvel Future Fight Dimension Rifts will show up on the home screen as a purple icon that appears in the bottom right corner above Arena. Dimension Rifts can show up randomly or after completing certain stages which will prompt a message at the start. The rift will close after a certain amount of time so make sure to take advantage of it before it’s gone. When your done here visit our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki for a ton more related info.

In Marvel Future Fight Dimension Rifts you can find Biometrics for heroes, Clear Tickets and Dimension Debris that’s used to upgrade high level gear. The hero bio’s will usually stay the same for the whole day and change the next. Drop rate of metrics seems to be higher here than on Elite mission. Also note that some hero bio’s can only be found in Rifts. It’s good to play each area at least once cause you’ll have a chance to get 2 bio’s on the first completion.

When the symbol is showing on the home screen there is no new rift alert. So when it’s open you should check often encase new ones have opened up.

If you fail to complete the stage and all players die you can continue with crystals or you will loose everything that was found. There are no breakables so you don’t have to hunt around and be aware of them for Auto purposes. Once a area has been completedĀ  you can use the Auto function and if you got 3 stars the Auto will also use skills.

Clear Tickets can only be used on stages that have been completed with 3 stars. They will allow you to finish a mission instantly without having to actually go in and play it. You will still use the required energy, but will not get S.H.I.E.L.D exp and loose that ability to get more items from breakables. You also don’t get any player experience so they will not increase levels. Tickets are great for speedy completion of stages for materials and other stuff.

Each portal can have a different set of 4 areas that each have different level requirements. When your level is on the low end things can be much more difficult. In these situations you can lead the pack of enemies away while skills recharge. This will dramatically reduce HP loss and let you take out large groups without too much hassle. Just make sure you have enough HP to take out the boss. It’s also a good idea to have the Best Hero/Character for the job.

Gets More Rifts

The more friends you have on your Allies list the more rifts will appear. When they discover one you will also get acces to it. This can be used to open multiple at once. For this reason you should max out your friends list as soon as possible and so you can also start gaining Assemble Points.

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