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Marvel Future Fight Doctor OctopusMarvel Future Fight Doctor Octopus is from the Spider-Man area and can be a difficult opponent to face sometimes. This villain has some weird combinations though could be good when built up. Due to what seem to be a lack of ranking speed and weak group capabilities this guys seems to be harder to play than others.

For a list of everything be sure to check the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki. New stuff is added and updated daily. Please leave any insight or questions in the comment below.

Marvel Future Fight – Doctor Octopus

Biometric Locations

The game doesn’t list all the location of Biometrics. There are more options below:

  • Elite – Chapter 3-11, 5-10, 7-10
  • Villain Siege - Random reward at end.

Team Bonuses

By having the correct party of 2 or 3 you can gain passive buffs. View the in-game list by tapping Team Bonus in the hero menu. Here’s more info on the Best Team.

Doctor Octopus is in only 4 Team bonuses with 2 having Iron Man. His bios can be gotten slightly better than others with 3 elite stages being available. There are no package deals though so a quick bulk by isn’t possible.


When a character reaches rank 3 with 3 stars things can change dramatically with DPS. You will unlock a 3rd skill that can be used in battle. For many this will allow a constant use of skills without too many normal attacks. This Walkthrough has more helpful related content.


A striker is someone who will assist others during battle at certain times like low health and other triggers.

Strong Against Speed

Deal more damage to enemies with the Speed type which include:

Black Cat
Black Widow
Green Goblin
Sharon Carter
Winter Soldier

Weak Against Blast

You will take more damage form enemies who have the blast type and they are:

Iron Man
Red Skull
War Machine

Max Rank, Level and Master

Every hero has the same base stats area shown in the below table. Gear will offer many unique bonus to everyone. This table only shows the max for Rank, Level and Master. Gear, skills, ISO-8 and other bonuses are not included. Here’s more info on the Best Hero/Character.

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  1. hi… in the costume section, it has mentioned that Dr Octopus has energy attack. But when i select him for my team, only Physical ATK, Physical DEF, Energy DEF, & HP are listed. How do i make him use energy attacks?

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