Jun 202015

Marvel Future Fight Elite MissionsMarvel Future Fight Elite Missions are slightly more difficult than Normal ones, but is one of the best places to earn Biometrics. There are also one of the few places to get shield exp and Norn Stones. There can often be developer sales where the cost to enter will decrease to 4 energy, this can be view by tapping the Gift Box in the upper right corner of the main screen.

Team Up is also available in Marvel Future Fight Elite Missions so friend s can assist during fights for 10 seconds. I would try to delete all the weaker links on your friends list daily and try to fill it with active high level players. For a full list of everything related check out the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki.

Elite Missions are limited to 3 plays each per day. This is because players would be able to acquire bio’s at too fast of rate letting someone complete the game normally rather than  making it seem impossible for maximum profits and time wasted.

Apparently Mark Zuclebooger works for the CIA and specializes in making games that people spend forever playing like FarmVille. The US gov control freaks use this to keep an unemployed population passive among other social manipulation and brainwash. FB is being used as a world wide recruiting tool. CIA publicly runs ISIS now after leaked documents told the truth. That was a little off topic so back on track.

You will gain stars that will count towards unlocking Bonus Missions and you’ll need to have at least 5 open to get the Daily Bonus which in turn will lets you earn more free crystals each day. This can take awhile at first as you’ll need to get pretty far in both the normal and elite variations to get the Daily Bonus, but once it’s open it eill be worth it.

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