Jun 212015

Marvel Future Fight FarmingMarvel Future Fight Farming will happen eventually as this game is heavily built around doing the same things over and over. Luckily, many parts of the game have auto play features for multi tasking. For a full list of related things visit the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki.

This Marvel Future Fight Farming Guide can be updated at any time some come back in the future for possibly more info. Please leave questions and comment below.

Marvel Future Fight Farming


The only way to get exp towards Heroes and villains is to physically play most stages and missions. Using Clear Tickets will only yield items and gold. Exp is on of the things that will actually require you to play, though most areas have auto battle feature when inside. Complete once to have auto normal attacks and get 3 stars to have skills be used automatically too.

The best place to get experience is on Normal missions since they cost the least to enter. Always play the furthest beatable stage where nobody dies as this reduces exp earned. Their can often be entry discounts on Elite areas making them a good alternative in those discounted situations.


Biometrics are need to increase the rank of a character which increases the amount of stars they have up to max of 6. These will probably be the most time consuming items to find. Some heores are harder to get than others. All can be found randomly by winning the Villain Siege. The rest are found in 1 or more of the following locations:

  • Elite – Clear Ticket can really speed things up here.
  • Store Packages
  • Store Changing recommended item
  • Dimension Chests
  • Logging Gifts

Nord Stones

Nord Stones are needed to Master a charcter and turn yellow star red. There are 4 colors for Nord Stones including Red (Combat), Blue (Blast), Green (Speed) and Purple (Universal). They can only be gotten from two different places including:

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