May 162015

Marvel Future Fight Gear Up KitMarvel Future Fight Gear Up Kits will be one of the most needed items in the game. Gear Up Kits are use for every gear upgrade that happens in the game. At later upgrade stages you’ll need 30+ of these to make the improvement. Starting out the cost will be kits alone until level 6 where Materials will be needed. Be sure to visit our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki when your done here for more related info.

Best Place To Find Gear Up Kits

1. Bonus Stages are at the end of every Normal Chapter when you meet the star requirement. These are the best places to farm Gear Up Kits cause they can offer 8 or more per run, the down side is each bonus stage can only be completed 5 times each day and no S.H.I.E.L.D points are earned. You can also get large amounts of gold. The stages will only stay open for 1 hour after entering and take 1 day to recharge another entry.  ore info here on Biometrics for making things stronger.

These mission will have lasers that go off on a timer and are extremely deadly. You must always be aware of them to avoid massive HP loss. The enemies can often drop health regain so keep trying till the end. The end chest can be surrounded by lasers at many angles to protect the close proximity. Using or switching to a ranged class can increase DPS, not that it matters cause all enemies should be dead by then, but not getting hit is the top priority especially with a low health melee.

An easy way to get rid of normal enemies id to move forward and get there attention, then run back to a safe location and use your biggest attacks when they all stop in melee/ranged groups. Does wonders for easy crown control. Don’t forget to turn off Auto, otherwise you constantly walk into lasers. You shouldn’t have to worry about having the Best Hero/Character to get through these things.

2. Normal Stages are the next best thing with higher potential exp and S.H.I.E.L.D points. You can get 1 to 4+ kits per run at 4 energy each. Try to play the furthest one for the most earnings. You can also work towards getting the materials need for current and future gear improvements.

This Walkthrough has lots of general information that can help guide you in the right direction.

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