Jun 222015

Marvel Future Fight GlitchA list of Marvel Future Fight Glitch’s along with tips and info about past glitchy behavior. For more related stuff visit our MARVEL Future Fight Wiki.

These Marvel Future Fight Glitch’s along with the other content can be added to in the future. Please leave any other malfunctioning mechanics not listed here in the comments below to share with others.

Marvel Future Fight Glitch’s

  • HulkBuster is Busted – Probably the best character in the game and now broken after the last update. On auto his move will often be done in the distance fighting shadow and invisible things during the Arena. Some classes action just seem to really hinder the HulkBusters motion leaving it stuck in place attacking nothing. I would keep an eye on things and when he starts catching butterflies just switch to someone else with potential ranged attacks.
  • Inbox Rewards – After collecting certain developer rewards from the inbox they will reappear when leaving to another menu. When trying to open it for the second time an e3rror message will occur and it will not be able to be collected more than once.
  • No Exp – Om certain missions you will not gain any S.H.I.E.L.D exp. Though this is probably a developer placed function it kinda sucks they shut down another avenue for growth.
  • Villain Siege Lasers – When fighting Doctor Octopus in the Village Sige no matter what level your Heroes are staying in the laser too long will kill you fast. Because this will kill your strongest player quite easy when not paying attention on the easiest setting this is a little over board on the difficulty. This was more than likely put in place to make it hard to get Chaos Tokens.

Past Glitch’s

  • Loosing items during loading screens and boss intros – If and item dropped and was and a next area screen or boss intro triggered before you it could touch you would loose the item forever. This has been fixed in the last update thankfully.

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