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Marvel Future Fight HeroesThere are currently 37 Marvel Future Fight Heroes and Villains that can be played. There seems to be a good chance that they will release more in the near future with an update. When starting out for the first time you’ll get Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow. You’ll then get another hero very soon in the story who will be random.

Marvel Future Fight Heroes have a max level of 50, but their rank will have to be increased to raise the starting max of level 25. There are 6 ranks and each one will increase the level max by 5. Biometrics will also need to be found in order to recruit and upgrade rank.

As rank increases you will be able to unlock various skills and passive buffs that can be used during battles. Every one has 4 different pieces of gear that they wear which can also be improved. Materials will be needed to make gear stringer and will be found on Normal missions.

There are 4 different types to fight with including Combat, Blast, Speed and Universal. Every one has certain other characters that they go well with. They will trigger a Team Bonus that adds passive buffs, special skills for battle and do a team attack when switching to them in a fight. Having a group that work well together can drastically increase both survivability and DPS.

Check out the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki when your done here for a ton more related info. Feel free to leave any insight or questions in the comments below.

Marvel Future Fight Heroes

You can see a heroes max stats with having to upgrade them or have them available for play. This can be done on the Team screen by tapping the MARVEL UNIVERSE button, then clicking on the desired character. The number below only include max Rank, Level and Master and do not include stats from gear and skills.

If your wondering who might be right for you this Walkthrough has some helpful info for moving forward.

This poll can help shed light on who might be the Best Hero/Character. Though it might not be the most accurate way to measure things the results seem to be close.

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  1. This article seems outdated – it mentions max level at 50.

    Not sure when these stats were updated but as of 1/14/2016 for IOS, the stats are not accurate for MAX rank 6, level 60, and Master 6.

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