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Marvel Future Fight Leveling GuideA brief Marvel Future Fight Leveling Guide that will help you get experience faster. This Leveling Guide will be updated regularly in the next few weeks or more. Be sure to check back for more info. Visit the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ for a growing database of related info.

For the most part playing the furthest mission will help you level the quickest. Chips are technically the faster way to level, but are limited and hard to come by. Every stage that can be completed in the game will earn exp except for the Arena which will only produce Rank points and Tokens.

When you find a character that you like be sure to save up on Biometrics so they can have their level cap raised. Your gonna need a ton of them to get a hero to rank 6.

Marvel Future Fight Leveling Guide

New Heroes

When you get a new hero the best things to do is keep them in situations where they will never have to fight. This will make sure they will never hold you down and that they grow up faster. You can also use Chips  for an early boost. For more insight into who you should choose for the long haul check out the Best Hero/Character.


Normal – Normal missions will be the best place to get exp for the cost of energy. Each entry will only cost 4 energy to enter and you’ll get exp, gold and lots of materials to upgrade gear. This is the best place to gain strength and you can increase the output by sticking to the toughest areas.

Elite – Elite stages will cost twice as much as Normal ones, but offer the chance to get new heroes. They are also useful for Achievements and blowing energy when the need arises.

Daily – Daily missions cost the same amount as Normal, but have less selection when it comes to difficulty level. You can also only play them 10 times each day since your getting ISO-8 drops.

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  1. I am trying to get my characters beyond the 40 mark. N don’t know how to do that? Came in when the Captain America suit was available at the time, and got it Tony as well N Falcon. I use the Tony’s Team, all these characters are at 40 and can’t seem to get them any higher, so I am trying to get to have them so I can ad more ISO equipment on them?
    Thank you
    James Rhodes a hard core player lol

    • James, this is where the biometrics and the stars under the character come in. You need to collect more biometrics for that character in order to increase their rank (the stars) which in turn in increase their max level. Good luck hunting!

      • i have captain america at level 40 with 3 red stars and 1 yellowstar, skill level is maxed en gear also,i have al his iso’s (iso2) also maxedbut still get the message that i cant bring his level up because it is maex… please help i also have this problem with blackwidow, ironman and they have same stuff as captain america please help…

  2. Hello. How do you use exp chips on android device?

  3. How to enhance characters to Tier 2?

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