Jun 102015

Marvel Future Fight New Characters Rocket StarLord Groot MoreThere are 8 Marvel Future Fight New Characters including Drax, Gamora, Groot, Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, Ronan, Star-Lord and Yondu all from The Guardians of the Galaxy. As far as stats go some are almost complete replicas of others with different moves. Rocket Raccoon had the highest Energy Attack along with Malekith, until Drax set a new record with the highest base physical attack of anyone. Star-Lord has the best energy defense along with Malekith.

Beside that when compared to the initial release heroes and villains there are no more stat record breakers, though there are many new unique skills and team bonuses. I figured there would be more content added to the game eventually as there where galaxy characters in the advertising. More info here on the Best Hero/Character.


This Marvel Future Fight New Heroes & Villains list can be improved sometime soon. Please leave question and helpful stuff in the comment below for others. MARVEL Future Fight Wiki has a list of everything related on this domain.

New Heroes & Villains

Drax – A hard hitter dealing the most base physical damage.

Gamora – A chick with a sword, the last thing anybody wants to mess with, just smile and keep walking. When you get around the corner just run like a m*%&f#$#, then hide and stay there till the cost is clear.

Groot – A big hitter when it come to the good guys. Seem to be immortal due to it’s ability to pass on through offspring living forever. An example on how it’s hard to destroy natural

Nebula – Part machine and another part machine, there might be something biologically in there some where, but this assassin girl thing will find you and kill you.

Rocket Raccoon – A small little raccoon that was victim of scientific experiments and became very smart.

Ronan – A bad guy that you would want to mess with. He’s the big bad end guy in the movie and replaces the Destroyer in the Villain Siege. This reiterates how bad this guy is.

Star-Lord – A human boy with curiosity for adventure.

Yondu – Space pirate/mercenary leader with a great whistle. Again, this is not someone you would want to mess with, be advised.

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