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Marvel Future Fight OfflineIf your looking for a Marvel Future Fight Offline version your probably going to be out of luck. If your like me though and extremely sensitive to WiFi their are a few alternatives. First off, in the last few years WiFi has come out to the public to actually be RADIATION which is extremely deadly in many ways. Trying to play games offline or without wireless connection is very important.

All children that don’t yet have an immune system developed are especially susceptible to WiFi from routers, smart phones (Spy phone), cordless phone and microwave ovens. The frequency will actually damage the eggs and sperm inside the undeveloped youth which in turn continues the damaged DNA trait for the length of that family line forever. Many children have died in the US just by sitting next to routers in the class room. It took one school 11 children deaths in the same seat before they figured anything out.

Just because you have an immune system doesn’t make you safe. These devices still give off radiation which is harmful in any amount. It can cause headaches, sores, rashes, blisters, vomiting, cancer and many other negative health effects.

Today’s main stream doctors use radiation and chemo therapy that have over a 97% kill rate in 5 years with many people dying right away or having severe reactions. When compared to the massive amount of natural cures that let the body heal itself at (Over 90% cure rate, just type “Cure for Cancer” into Google) you would have to be crazy to go to your local hospital for cancer treatment.

Who though that murder would be a legal business and that the medical doctors involved actually slept good at night. These same doctors have been told they will loose their medical license or go to jail if they give out ANY information that’s not main stream compartmentalized FDA quack talk. So you will never hear anything out of their mouth about real cheap cures as they are blackmailed to keep it shut. If you found this post your obviously capable to find this information out on your own. I would suggest looking into things like the 90 Essential Nutrients by Dr. Joel Wallach.

Marvel Future Fight Offline

These are ways to play Marvel Future Fight without WiFi, though your still gonna need an internet connection.

USB Internet – Inside many newer smart phones there is an option in the settings to send internet through a USB from a PC to your deceive. In settings tap the More… under Wireless & Networks, then choose the USB Internet while connect to a PC. Now you can play any online game without having to worry about radiation exposure.

Reverse Tether – This will probably not work for you though some say it did for them. The Tether option under the More… tab as well can be used to transfer internet from your device to another device or PC. Finding an app that will let your Reverse Tether will do the opposite.

BlueStacks – Using BlueStacks will allow you to play Android games on your PC or MAC. They have really done big things with this software and it works with most apps. They have a modded version that works good as well and both are free.

I hope this helps clear things up and makes your life better. As far as an Marvel Future Fight Offline app the reason they have a permanent internet connections in to maximize revenue with ads and purchases. For lots more related info check out the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki.

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