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Marvel Future Fight SpidermanMarvel Future Fight Spider-Man is a playable character that has the speed type. Speed will do more damage to Blast type enemies and will take more damage from Combat types. Universal means they have no weakness or strength and are neutral in nature. Having the same type would have the same effect as being Universal.

If your not sure whether or not you should work towards this character he is definitely worth a try. Marvel Future Fight Spider-Man all all other should at least be unlocked. Our Wiki, Guide and FAQ has a ton more related info to help shed light in all kinds of areas. Be sure to check back often as it’s updated regularly.

Marvel Future Fight Spider-Man

Stats – Every hero has the same base stats area shown in the below table. Gear will offer many unique bonus to everyone. This table only shows the max for Rank, Level and Master. Gear, skills, Nord Stone and other bonuses are not included.

Skills – These are Manual action or passive abilities that apply during battles. You start with 2 and will need to reach Rank 3 for the 3rd skill, 5 for 4th passive and rank 6 for 5th skill.

Striker – These are team members that will help spidy from time to time during battle like health critical. It’s a specific list with many not making the cut. The chance they will trigger is different from hero to hero.

19% Captain America, same with everyone
19% Winter Soldier
18% Black Cat
17% Black Widow
16% Hulk
16% Luke Cage
15% Hawkeye
15% Iron Man
14% HulkBuster
13% DareDevil
11% Mockingbird
10% Thor

Strong Against Blast

All of the below Characters have Blast type and will take more damage from Spider-Man. Combat>Speed>Blast>Combat is the order in which things do more damage.

Iron Man
Red Skull
War Machine

Weak Against Combat

The character will do extra damage to spidy with their Combat type. As you can tell the webmaster has many enemies. Combat types have better defense overall as their only 6 Heroes which will do extra damage to them.

Black Panther
Captain America
Doctor Octopus
Iron Fist
Luke Cage

Here is some more info that will help you decide on your Best Hero/Character. Feel free to through any ideas or questions in the comments below.

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