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Marvel Future Fight StrategyA semi brief Marvel Future Fight Strategy Guide with links to related content. For a full list of of all related info visit the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

This Marvel Future Fight Strategy Guide can be updated regularly. Check back in the near future for more stuff.

Marvel Future Fight Strategy


When fighting in the Arena you can increase your chance of wining by switch often between teammates. This will use more skill which will increase the DPS. The cooldown for Character changes is longer int he Arena then in regular missions. This is a good tactic for squeezing more weekly rank point for crystal rewards. Once you know your limit as who you can beat without dying and loosing your streak, keep refreshing the list to aim for those level opponents for ore points as well.

Best Hero

HulkBuster – These can be gotten for free by logging in the first 7 days in a row from a new install. It is highly recommended to get this hero as he is tough. Every move is gear towards hitting multiple targets include basic hits. It has the highest HP and almost the highest attack of all heroes. It also can many gear upgrades that have All Attack buffs instead of just physical or energy. I use this with Iron Man and War Machine and get both Iron Mania and Tony’s Toys Team Bonuses. Here’s more info on the Best Hero/Character.

Team Up – Use the Team Up option during tough boss battles for more DPS output. This will call one our your Allies/Friends into battle with you for 10 seconds or so. This can be done once for free per mission. Here’s more stuff about the Best Team.


Try to get a good team right away and stick with them until their maxed. It’s a long ride till the end and most of the game is made up of 3 player obstacles. Build up your best guy for the lead and max out the back ups weapons for backup attacks.

Team Combos

HulkBuster, Iron Man, War Machine – I got lucky with finding War Machine right away unless it’s the same for everyone. Then got HulkBuster for my 7 day reward to complete the Iron Mania team bonus, but I also got the Tony’s Toys too which I wasn’t expecting.This made for extra bonus for using the right characters together.

HulkBuster is a death machine when it come to dealing damage. Every hit is geared towards hitting multiple enemies and stunning them. He dwarfs Captain America making him obsolete. If you have the chance for this don’t miss out as the game can be much harder and slower without it. Focus on upgrading gear to move ahead.


Fast & Easy – When fighting bosses you should constantly switch between all players so they can user their skills. This will dramatically improve DPS. The same things would apply to hard missions and others areas of the game. This works better with the Auto feature fully functioning, but can be done easily on first playthroughs with manual action.


Go for sets when equipping ISO-8 cause it cost 50 crystals to remove one and you’ll want the extra buffs. Getting them can be tricky as your gonna have to pay 10,000 per roll. I would suggest rolling for your best hero and trying to aim for a healing or other super big effect. Once you get something good on your list move onto your next guy.

Set Bonuses for Passive Health Regain

Healing factor – When you have a blue, green and purple you will activate the a passive skill that heels 10% of your HP. The skill will trigger when getting hit with and 8% chance. This will dramatically increase survivability with random HP gains throughout a stage.

Veteran Soldier – Blue, green, brown, rainbow has 10% chance to heal HP on damage taken by 10% of max HP.

Silent Night – White, blue, green, brown, purple, rainbow has 12% chance to heal HP on damage taken by 20% of max HP. This is the absolute best set bonus for healing on the go.

Farming Materials and Gear Up Kits

You can get more items be fighting easy bosses, then only kill the henchmen that pop up. They will drop items and buffs. You will eventually get so strong that many early stages will do no harm letting you really get your moneys worth for energy spent.


Next Area Portals – Let things touch you before going in a portal. If you just see the message without the item reaching your body it will not be picked up.

Boss Screen – If you get an item when the boss screen pops up without letting it touch your body it will be lost. This can be seen when picking up health in this situation. More related info in this Walkthrough.

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  1. How do i upgrade my hero’s from level 40 to level 41 and higher. i have captain america at 3 redstars en a yellow star all his gear is maxed to 12 and his skills to level 40. but his level does not get higher i get the message maximum level reached. i have tried everything please can anyone help…….

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  3. How do I enter the world boss mission / make an alliance

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