Jun 092015

Marvel Future Fight Timeline Battle Guide TipA short Marvel Future Fight Timeline Battle Guide with Tips. The Timeline Battle is another word for Arena and can only be played 10 times each day for computer controlled PvP. If you want to get the most points per match keep winning for the max 10 streak bonus and always play the person with the most points. The more they have the more you’ll win. This is the key to making it to the top of the list and earning the big crystal rewards.

I’m not sure why they don’t just call it a Arena to avoid confusion. When starting out I looked all over for this thing. With the large amount of updated in-game content this could get changed sometime.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Marvel Future Fight Timeline Battle Guide and it’s Tips please leave feedback below. Things can be updated in the near future, check back for possible improvements and additions. The MARVEL Future Fight Wiki has a list of everything related.

Marvel Future Fight Timeline Battle Guide Tip

Achievement – Playing 5 Arena matches is part of the Daily Achievements where you can earn 25 energy and 410 S.H.I.E.L.D points. It offers one of the biggest rewards for a daily and can be used to get anything done.

Rank High – The key to getting a monster score and reaching they big gifts is to always play the guy wit the most points. Keep refreshing the opponent list until someone with loads of points comes along, then defeat them. Once your group members start to get 3 stars they will unlock their 3rd special move which increases DPS significantly. Opponents without the 3 star strength increase will be at a disadvantage and be easier to defeat for better streaks. Never gamble and always try to know who you can beat. For the most part it’s pretty simple, especially when you get to higher levels.

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  1. Why do i get only 10 entries in timeline battle instead of 30

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