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Marvel Future Fight WalkthroughA Marvel Future Fight Walkthrough with relevant information the help move through the game better. It’s always good to look ahead in these types of apps because of there very long potential playtime needed to end game.

This Marvel Future Fight Walkthrough will be updated regularly over the next month or more so be sure to check back for new content. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below. They can also have more info from users not listed in this post so be sure to always check.

For more related content visit the MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ which holds all things related on this domain.

Marvel Future Fight Walkthrough

Starting Out – When starting out you will get Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow. You will then get another random hero very soon by moving ahead in the game. Captain America will rank up to 2 stars quickly also when following the story and you be rewarded with enough Biometrics to make the transformation. For this reason the Capt. should be maxed out asap while playing through the early parts of the game. He will be your best asset when it comes to progressing with the least problems and deaths.

Try to complete everything that you can from the Arena and Daily Achievements to spending energy wisely. When done right you can get hours of playtime a day.

Energy – Energy will be need to play every type of mission except the Arena. You will recharge 1 every 5 minutes. The max limit will be raised by 1 or 2 when increasing your S.H.I.E.L.D level and it will also completely refill your Energy. You can get many refills from Daily, Weekly and other Achievements. Take advantage of these recovery options to play longer.

Normal mission are the cheapest to enter and the best place to earn exp fast. Elite are more for Master stones and bio’s though they can be great to get ride of large amounts of Energy when the need arises. Dimension Rifts will cost the the same as Elite only the cost will go up be one for each time entered per Rift.

Hero Progression – The game seems to offer new characters just around the time the ones you have start to get maxed out, as long as your working towards them.. It’s a good idea to switch once you have build a hero up a decent bit. Villain Siege will require every hero you can mustard up. Eventually when getting the the higher level areas you can bring a high level character, then 2 new or low levels and get them up quick. At first, work towards getting a Team Bonus with compatible members that is always maxed out. This will be the guys moving you forwards. Then works on getting the Best Team and growing the rest up to max as well. Try to at least unlock everyone, then pick and choose through progression.

Dimension Rifts – These are the best places to find bio’s as consistent drops, but the entering cost grows by 1 each completion. Some heroes can only be found here. If it seems a little hard you can always lead the pack away while skills recharge, then attack again when ready. This will drastically reduce the amount of damage taken and help get through tougher high level areas. Rifts will open up randomly after completing missions and at certain parts of the day. They will also Open when other people on your friends list find one too. The only place to get Debris which is need to upgrade gear level 10+.

Characters List – The below chart shows the max stats from the MARVEL UNIVERSE list inside the Team menu. The numbers only include max Rank, Level and Master. They do not include stats that would be gotten from gear and skills. We have more info on the Best Hero/Character that can help shed light on things.

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