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MARVEL Future Fight Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA MARVEL Future Fight Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s along with a growing list of Tips, Tricks and Cheats. MARVEL Future Fight is a Role Playing game developed by Netmarble Games and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This MARVEL Future Fight Wiki, Guide and FAQ can be updated with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats in the near future. Be sure to check back for updated information. If you have a question it can be left in the comments below. Also check out super cheap cancer solutions at

MARVEL Future Fight Wiki

Guide FAQ Tip Trick Cheat

Achievements – Achievements can be completed for extra bonuses like Gold, Crystals, Energy, ISO-8, Exp Chips and Gear up kits. Achievements have 4 different sub groups called Daily, Weekly, Quests and Event. You need to go into your Quest list and select “Claim” to get your reward.

Assemble Points – Assemble Points can only be acquired from other people on your friends list. Once a day they can send you 20 points and you can also do the same. These points can be used in the Shop to buy an Assemble Box which holds various rewards. To maximize earning add to your friends list until its full. Try to add high levels players that aren’t going to quit right away. Now delete the friends who haven’t played in awhile and fill the ranks with new ones.

Best Hero – In the beginning you wont have much of an option to who you play with except for Captain America, who should be upgraded and kept at max for fastest progression at start..  From the looks of things the Hulk seems to be the best hero for close range melee. Each character has a different set of skills and base stats that will set them apart from the rest.

Bonus Stage – When you get all the star in an area you will unlock the very last mission in it. Bonus Stages are usually much more difficult than the ones before it. You might need to upgrade your heroes by large amount before being able to complete it. These are the best places to get gold and earn loads of exp. The3 only downfall is that you timed and if you run out or die you loose everything.

Breakables – Be sure to check the environments for breakable items. There can be lot’s of good stuff inside like gold or temporary buffs. You can always tell what can be broken as it will blink with a yellow tone/huge. It can be especially important to look out for thing during boss battles as when there over the items will be lost.

Event – Events are special mission or objectives that can be completed for nice rewards. When starting up  the app for the first time you can earn Hulkbuster for free in 7 days.

Farming Exp – Playing the furthest Normal Mission will get you the most exp per energy ratio.

Leveling Guide – In the beginning it’s best to keep moving forwards as much as you can before upgrading things. Much income can be earned at the start, but should be used to upgrade things when you hit the wall. The wall is when the game start to get extra hard and you have no choice but to spent for improvements. This will allow you to have better options when it’s comes to improvements at the start.

Saving Battery Life – By lowering the graphic quality in the setting you can reduce the amount of juice that’s drained from your battery. I have noticed a big difference when switching from the highest quality to the lowest. I would recommend dropping the 2 options down to minimums since the graphics don’t seem to change.

S.H.I.E.L.D Level – When completing mission you’ll get experience towards your S.H.I.E.L.D Level. Each time it increases you will raise the max amount of energy that can be held by 1 or more. This can be tracked by the meter under your account name on the main menu.

Stars – To get 3 stars on a mission you’ll have to complete it with all members alive. The best thing to do is switch when a players health is low before they die. This will make getting 3 stars on many mission much easier, though elite and late game will take some upgrading.

Strength and Weaknesses – Combat hurts Speed, Speed hurts Blast, and Blast hurts Combat. The opposite is also true when it come to defense. Universal type characters have no weaknesses or strength when fighting others in battle. This information can be found by tapping the type icons on the main screen.

Team – You can play with up to 3 heroes at once while playing missions. At S.H.I.E.L.D lv10 and 20 you can unlock a preset for easier team changing. Each one can be switched to freely with a short cooldown timer. You’ll have to select your team before entering battle. There are 37 different playable characters to choose from.

Team Bonus – When you have the right combo of heroes equipped you will unlock extra bonus. Each has a special bonus attacked to them and when 2 or more that are compatible are equip then you get these bonuses. You can view what you have and what available to find yet on the team select screen.

Wall – The wall is a point in a mobile game that gets much more difficult so the developers can make money. The wall effect will start at about level 22 for heroes, missions Normal c4 s4 and Elite c2 s9. These places are when the game is gonna demand much more playtime along with lots of grinding.

For WiFi Safety I would recommend playing this game with BlueStacks (Modded) or using the USB Internet function in your smart phone.

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