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Marvel Mighty Heroes CharactersThere are 40 Marvel Mighty Heroes Characters including both Super Heroes and Super Villains. Marvel Mighty Heroes is available on both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. Check back soon for possible updated and new info depending on popularity.

Each character can have a star rating from 1-5 which determines how many times they can level up and how strong they are. To get new characters you’ll have to visit the Shop where 1 can be gotten for free each day. You can also get free ones by completing quests and building up event points. Other than that you’ll have to purchase them with gold that can be gotten in many free ways in the game.

When you acquire a hero or villain that you already own it will automatically add 2 more levels to their level max. For every 10 levels you’ll gain 1 star in rank so anyone can be increase up to a 5 star rating.

It’s best to use the hero or villain that can increase their level the most in your teams. Though they might not be to desirable at their current level they will eventually become stronger than others. Just keep them in the back of the team until there ready for duty. Play with the one that does the most damage to both enemies and turrets, though turret can seem impossible to defeat they can often be hit with you biggest ability for better ranking at the end of the stage.

The Store will only hold so many choices when it come to purchasing someone new. It will be updated when the counter runs out over the top of the hero or villain. When times up there will be someone else that can be bought and played. It will take a decent amount of playing to collect everyone or even have the chance too. Best to save your gold for when you really need it. You don’t want to miss out on something as it might not be back around for awhile.

If you on the good side or bad side it wont matter as everyone gathers together. Having the strongest player in the end will make the biggest difference, though different abilities can set them apart from others.

Marvel Mighty Heroes Characters List

Super Heroes

  1. Black Bolts -
  2. Black Panther -
  3. Black Widow -
  4. Captain America -
  5. Dare Devil -
  6. Doctor Strange -
  7. Falcon -
  8. Hulk – The Hulk is the best character to play with in the beginning. His max level is 30 to with which is more that all others when stating out. His ground slam will rank you #1 in many matches due to it’s massive damage. Even though some enemies only have 200 HP, damage still counts past the max so hit everything as hard as you can.
  9. Hawk Eye -
  10. Iron Man -
  11. Nova -
  12. Punisher -
  13. Spider Man -
  14. Start Lord -
  15. Star Brand -
  16. Thor -
  17. ?

Super Villains

  1. Green Goblin -
  2. Ex Nihilo -
  3. Kingpin -
  4. Loki -
  5. Venom -
  6. ?

Farming 5-Star Heroes and Villains

Not sure if the guy in the below video is trying to get people to buy things in game or is actually that freaking happy to get a 4 star rank. A later thought is that he’s probably trying to get folks to like the video for more popularity. I don’t think I’ll be throwing $100 buck on a few in game currencies when I get over 400 a day for free.

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