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Mesothelioma BreakthroughOne of the best Mesothelioma Breakthroughs right now would have to be the massive list of over 200 natural cancer cures released to the public. Many have been hidden away for over 50 years so traditional cancer treatments like the horrific Chemo and Radiations could be used to make money. Some of these 200 natural cures are so dirt cheap there is really no reason not to try.

For awhile you have been able to type the phrase “Cure for Cancer” into Google and find the truth on the first page, It often sits in the 3rd or 4th spot with multiple entries on the first page, beaten by a few articles that only use the word treatment in there titles and listing only hocus pocus murder therapy surgery. These outdated money making techniques seem to be slowly fazing out. Nutrition is King in the physical world with the 90 Essential Nutrients preventing almost every disease and ailment known to man, along with following the Good/Bad food list.

These Mesothelioma Breakthroughs will more than likely be getting even more content as time goes on. Be sure to check back in the near future for even more breakthrough info. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments bellow if there is something you need help with.

Mesothelioma Breakthrough


They say that over 40% of cancer patients die from malnutrition and not the cancer itself. Eating health and taking natural nutritional supplements is the only way to fix malnutrition so your gonna have to hope to it. Since Vitamin B17 is said to help dramatically with cancer and is in every day foods adding foods with B17 to your diet could make a huge difference.

Ever had of a V8 tomato drink? The commercials always mention you should of had one, like it was a huge mistake. The 90 Essential Nutrients is a V115 with up to 99% absorption rate, GMO Free, 100% Natural + tons more it’s ridiculous.


Did you know that all water is polluted on the entire planet? It’s so bad in most US cities that you are most certainly getting sick from it in one way or another. Luckily there is ProPur which cleans the water so good it says right on the box “Works with Lake and River water”. I know someone who had huge dry patches on his legs from drinking water in his apartment, after 2 months and a ProPur he was fully healed back to normal. He knows it was the water because it had happened to him earlier in life while living in an apartment.

Many of the contaminates are farm run off and prescription meds that don’t fully digest. You are literally taking someones else’s birth control pills cause that’s a big one in the water supply, yuuuuuuuuuuck!!!! Check the ProPur G2 filters Full Lab Report for what is cleaned out specifically and how much.

Berkly are so far behind with there filtering tech that if you put it side by side with the ProPur at Walmart nobody in their right mind would by a Berk, plus Walmart would loss a ton of pharmacy revenue from people being more healthy. You can however use Pro filters in many Berk units making the switch very easy.

Saving Money

Many of the things listed here can be found the cheapest when shopping on eBay. Buying in bulk will often save you even more int he long run. For more information visit our Mesothelioma Wiki which can be updated daily with new info.

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