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Mesothelioma Death RateMesothelioma Death Rates can vary greatly depending on the many choices available. Your best chance to increase survivability and cure is to fix your eating habits. Filling them with the proper foods and supplements to help it heals itself.

Many main stream medical professionals are forced to keep their mouths shut for fear of loosing their jobs. Cancer is one of the biggest earners for both the physicians and the owners. To be on the good end off the Mesothelioma Death Rate be sure to visit the best nutritionist you can find.

When your done here be sure to visit our Mesothelioma Wiki for much more related info. There is sure to be something there to help open your eat to a brighter future. Also visit our Blog for a list of all things Mesothelioma on this website.

Mesothelioma Death Rate – At they have over 200 natural cures for cancer with up to 90% effectiveness that can remove cancer forever. Your chances can drop down to 10% or less if you have been exposed to chemo and radiation as they both lower the bodies ability to heal itself. This will be your guaranteed best way to survive as long as possible along with other Mesothelioma Breakthroughs.

Chemotherapy – More than 97% of people who use chemo therapy will die in 5 years from the treatment. Chemo is like having a hammer that can kill cancer, but hitting someones whole body or large sections with it. Doesn’t sound like a very good idea from the start. Apparently over 25% of people who do nothing about there cancer have it disappear and never come back When you throw on the massive kill rate it makes you think why something like this is even legally.

Radiation – Radiation kills things and exposing large parts of a body to it can have long term damaging effects. It’s even more harmful on children when there immune systems are not fully developed. Besides treatment, WiFi routers, cell phones, microwaves and other 2.6ghz frequency transmitters and receivers also cause radiation exposure. These things also all cause cancer so going this route seems like a no brainer.

Surgery – Doctors always like to cut things. Nutrition steps should be taken long before surgery is even mentioned. Many advancements have been made in how the body works along with keeping it running at peak performance. Any doctor looking to cut before trying nutrition is a compartmentalized quack looking to make a quick buck. You should look up there record at the very least and get many more opinions from other nutritionists. In this world, humans are profited off of like cars that are made to break down. Walmart offers the bad foods and people suffer from it, getting sick and creating revenue in an industry.

Reduce Death Rate

Avoid Sugar – Sugar causes cancer to grow faster making it even more deadly. For this reason you should avoid things that have high levels of sugar especially fake sugar. The medical industry has know this for awhile because of how the glucose test works by lighting up cancer. However many medical hospitals and small practice will offer high sugar foods on their menu’s.

Eat Healthier – It’s no mystery any more which foods are good and bad. If it’s natural its the best choice. Man made synthetics and GMO’s should be avoided like a plague. Get the facts on the Good/Bad food list.

Nutritional Supplements – There are minerals and vitamins that your body need that it will never get from food. Plus the US has been on high alert since the 1960’s for severely depleted soil leading to less healthy food. Your body needs 90 Essential Nutrients to live with health problems.

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