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Mesothelioma Kidney CancerMesothelioma Kidney Cancer is one of many places that asbestos and malnutrition can effect. If you have been diagnosed with kidney cancer you should see a nutritionist as soon as possible. There have been many great strides forwards when it come to natural cures. Changing they way you live and eat will guarantee the best results in the end.

For more info on Mesothelioma Kidney Cancer check out our Breakthroughs post. There is sure to be something their that will help you out short and long term. Also be sure to check out the Mesothelioma Wiki for even more related info.

Mesothelioma Kidney Cancer

Main stream medical treatments at most hospitals and small practices int he US use old technology with very small effectiveness. has over 200 natural treatments that can cure cancer forever with over 90% success rate. Many of these natural cancer killers have been kept from the public’s eye so money could be made on more barbaric means.

Of course many my not know that one of the biggest discoveries in probably the history of the planet is that the human body needs 90 Essential Nutrients to function properly. Take any of the 90 away and you’ll get some kind of ailment or disease including cancer. Though pollution in an environments can have severe effects on health, taking the 90 will help deal with pollution keeping the bodies defenses on full alert.

I hear to often that someone goes to the main stream doc and they don’t seem to give them any answers, only treatment options. First off you gonna want to stay away from lots of sugar. Sugar makes cancer grow faster making it even more deadly. Also be ware of cancer donation foundations that advertise with lots of sweet recipes. You would have to be a brain dead quack to advertise the worst thing for a cancer patient right to them.

Following this Good/Bad food list will get you on the right track to a healthy recovery or slower incline. Also stay away from BHT which has been placed in many cereals and freezer items to increase longevity. It is however illegal everywhere int he world but the US for causing cancer. BHT should be avoided like the plague.

If you haven’t heard of Vitamin B17 than you better start reading up. Foods with B17 is said to have the ability to stop cancer dead in it’s tracks. It found in the most concentration in Apricots, though using supplement form in capsules will deliver a higher potency.

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