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MiniCraft 2 Wiki GuideThis is a MiniCraft 2 Wiki with Guides and a growing database of knowledge. MiniCraft 2 is a mining simulation game created by SandStorm Earl and is available on Android and iOS. This wiki can be updated daily depending on popularity. Check back in the near future fore more content and new info.

Unlike the official Wikia this Wiki and it’s guides can’t be directly updated be anyone, though comment can be left by everybody.

MiniCraft 2 Wiki Guide






This look a lot like Minecraft where you can choose between Survival or Creative mode. The space is limited and you will only be ably to go so far. There’s no need to find crafting guides online as the game has a build in craft list so you’ll always know what you need. You might need a guide though so you can find the stuff.

In Survival modes you’ll start out next to a house and a couple portals. Inside your house you can find crafting stations so they wont need to be built initially. They can however be crafted and placed anywhere for making things ion the go. The portals lead to other environments like a lava world with different enemies and resources. Make sure to save before going through them.

You can choose to walk or fly. When flying you will slow descend so starting up high is advised. It’s a quick way to get around though you’ll be in a box with border that can not be passed.

Creative mode gives you everything from the start and there’s no need to go hunting for things. This lets you try out the different features without having to spend a load of time mining and crafting.

In both modes there will be a bunch of mobs made up of friendly creature and harmful monsters. Make sure to make some armor a get a weapon quick in Survival as things can pop out of nowhere. Enemy and friendly mobs can be viewed on the world map along with the players location.


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  1. Does anyone know how to get bones? I’ve killed everything and can’t find out how to get some

  2. how can I do the Magma and Heaven Arrows? I alredy got the Meal Light Blue and the Meal Red, missing those 2 strange items that I have no clue where or how to get em, I though the blue1 was water so I made a few buckets, but I can’t even pick water with it… help pls

  3. How can you ride hourses

  4. I know how to defeat the gods and all that, but how do you get pets.i know that you can mix the souls together and eat them I just want to know how.Plz respond and tell me how because I’m confused.

  5. How do you use sword’s

  6. Hpw do you use and make your sword weapon how do you craft.

  7. How do u shoot arrows

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