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Mortal Kombat X Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsA Mortal Kombat X Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s sprinkled in with some Tips, Tricks and Cheats.  Mortal Kombat X is a Fighting game that many know all too well developed by Warner Bros. and is available for Console, iOS on iTunes and in a few days Android on Google Play.

This Mortal Kombat X Wiki along with it’s Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats depending on how popular it is. Try back in the near future for possibly new content and don’t forget to check the comment for user submit info.

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Characters – If you wondering how many characters there are over 54 in this installment which makes for a lot of playability. The lineup is pretty impressive considering they all have different moves. There might be some hidden one, but right now it looks like there are public, though more content could be added in the future. Each on has their own fatalities and before we know it they’ll probably each have their own action figure too. I’m not sure if there are any guest characters yet, but I’ll be sure to make mention of them if the suddenly appear.

With the massive amount of characters that are available in this seemingly endless game I’m sure it goes hand in hand with Jade Helm 15 in helping make sure you stay out of the elites way. After all, many games are developed specifically to passify population, though this is extremely old news for many.

All Fatalities – I must worn you that the video below will go through all the fatalities in the game none stop. I you have any plans on beings surprised about things I would not watch it. Otherwise it a must see as checking out all the fatalities yourself would take a very long time.

Full Story – Below is a video where you can watch the full story that unfolds while playing through the game. I’m not sure how put things thing up but I have to say there is an absolute ton CGI’s in this thing.

Best Character

Feel free to vote on the poll below be selecting up to 3 of what you thing are the best characters in Mortal Kombat X.

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