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MultiCraft 2 Wiki GuideThis is a MultiCraft 2 Wiki and Guide with a growing database of information. MultiCraft 2 is probably the most complete and closing thing to Minecraft for mobile and like the name implies, always free.

The only down side is that it’s only available for Multicraft 2 on Google Play. You can also check out what other apps MultiCraft LLC (the developer) has to offer on Google Play, seems to be on the small side at the moment. This MultiCraft 2 Wiki and Guide can be updated daily so check back in the near future for updated content.

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Your basic block building environment with all the bells and whistles. Unlike many other look alike yuo are able to fly in creative mode which can makes things a great deal more fun and easier. There is also a run button so you can pick up the speed when your on two legs. In creative mode you can explore, build, craft items and equipment, and fight of baddies that get in your way.

There are many mobs that are friendly to make single player modes seem like there’s more company to share the moments with. This app has put a few new twist on how things work.Single player maps are almost endless which is probably way more than enough for most.

One of the most notable is the zoom button which allows you to instantly increase or decrease th view range for improved performance. This works great to sneak a peak on devices which don’t run that well.

Getting tired of playing with yourself. Join others online and team up to build something magnificent or hold hand and explore. Multi-player games can hold dozens of players with social chatting for communicating with others.

Craft hundred of items from things you find around the landscape from wood to redstone. Craft Weapons and armor to help deal with all the dangerous mobs the roam the land and come out at night.

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