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Order & Chaos Online Best ClassThis is a Order & Chaos Online Best Class post for the mobile game which is available on both Android and iOS. Choosing the best class can depend a lot on play style. Some people like to by up close and personal while others like to stay back a little bit and cause havoc.

It’s recommended that you try all of them before jumping into the long road ahead. I don’t know how many times I played a game, tunnel visions on a class for hours, then realized that I should try the others ones and find something much better class.


The Warrior could be considered the beginners best class due to its extra armor with shield and more tanky stats. You can also wield a two handed sword to deliver even more hurt. They are able to wear all armor and seems to be good blacksmiths. Could be considered the best solo class as he has the greatest survivability out of all of them.


The Monk uses it’s fist as weapons and focuses more on skills and buffs. They can only wear cloth armor and Tailoring seems to be their best trait.


The Ranger can deal damage both from afar with bows or up close and personal like an assassin. The can wear leather and cloth armor and are good with Leatherworking as a trait.


The Mage is a long ranged fighter that focuses on dealing big damage to enemies from afar. The down side is they can only wear cloth armor and are a bit on the squishy side. They can use fire skills that focus more on single target or frost which works better for fighting groups. The can only wear cloth armor and work best with the Tailoring trait. They work better for those who travel in group and have people who can take some damage otherwise you might need a few extra healing items to take along for the adventure.

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