Mar 182015

Overkill 3 MultiplayerThere isn’t much to the Overkill 3 Multiplayer experience yet. The last one had a multiplayer feature added after the game had been out for awhile so I would expect the same for this one. About the only thing to do with others online is compare score with each other.

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To access the Overkill 3 Multiplayer high score feature you’ll need to view your Profile in Camp, then select Leaderboard. You’ll now need to select a Google account that you use for gaming. Once you give the app permission to your Google stuff you can view the high score list.

If you don’t have any anybody in your circles than the initial screen will look pretty empty. Add friends to your circle and compete with them via Multiplayer high score lists. Otherwise slide the bar from Social to All by tapping it to view everybody in the whole world playing Overkill 3. By the way, have you enter in your free gun promo Code yet?

To tell you the truth I’m not sure if the list is even for the game. It actually looks like it might be for combine trophies for all Android apps. If it is for the game than there has to be a ton of hacking going on because there is know way someone could be up to 2 billion points, that just unrealistic. Especially since it hasn’t even been out for 2 weeks yet. If it is the truth than these guy really love this game.

Most of these high score list for mobile games seem flooded with hackers anyhow. The term “work smarter not harder” definitely applies to these situations. Kind of takes the fun away for the honest player. I’m surprised that the developers don’t do a better job of clearing the list of untruthful spam. I has to really dampen gamers spirits.

This was more of a rant than anything. Check back in the future for updates on more possible multiplayer feature that will hopefully be added in. In the mean time check out some Tips and Tricks that can help shed some light on things.

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