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Overkill 3 Tips and TricksBelow is a growing list of Overkill 3 Tips and Tricks that can be updated daily. If you have any tips and tricks to share that might help others feel free to mention them in the comments.

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Overkill 3 Tips and Tricks

Armor – This is crucial for making hard things much easier. Make sure to be upgrading your armor as soon as you can. This will allow for more health, defense and regen for both in the heat of battle. To do this simply tap the Armor area in the Armory. The down side is that you’ll have to purchase all the armor to unlock the next one and some cost medals which make them best spent here.

Black Market – The Black Market is unlocked at level 4 and is a great place to find the best gear available fro your current rank. The only problem is the stuff is usually so expensive you would of had to save a bunch prior. The timer on items can be as small as 30 minutes where it will disappear until triggered again.

Medals – These are very important for purchasing gear that stronger than stuff that’s bought with money. Medals are a form of paid currency that can be acquired for free in a few ways. First you will get 5 medals each time you level up getting more the higher your level. Next you can complete free offer in the shop. On the Warmap you can also visit the Medals Market and exchange money for them, the cost will go up with rank. Lastly, some mission objectives will offer them as a reward. Other than that your gonna have to pay with real money if you want more of them.

Save Up – It can be tempting to spend money and paid currency on all kinds of stuff in the beginning. You should however try to save up for the better gear that is just around the corner. Especially at first, leveling up can go fast unlocking all kinds of new things rather quickly. Saving for these items will help the game progress faster and easier.

Shooting from Cover – When you behind cover aiming at the enemy you’ll notice that when you leave cover to shoot the sight goes to the right a little bit. This can easily be anticipated be aiming a little to the left so when you leave cover the bullets will connect.

Too Difficult? – If your finding mission are too hard then it’s probably time to do some clean up. Go back to past mission and try to get those stars that your missing. Also keep in mind that even if you loose a mission experience and money is still earned. This could be used to keep pressing forwards on the hard parts.

YouTube – Search for Overkill 3 Tips and Tricks on YouTube. There can be a lot of garbage, but every once in awhile there’s something really good.

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