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Overkill 3 Wiki GuideAn Overkill 3 Wiki with Guides that can be updated on a daily bases depending on popularity. Overkill 3 is a First Person Shooter for mobile developed by Craneballs and is available for both Android and iOS systems.

If there is anything you would like to add to this Wiki and it’s Guides feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Overkill 3 Wiki Guide


An absolutely wonderful First Person Shooter for mobile that doesn’t require an internet connection. You’re also not limited by time or energy and can play for hours consistently. The amount of mission to play is mind blowing and severely vast, almost hard to look at.

Choose from over 22 weapons along with a bunch of side items for extra support. Your basically dropped in an are behind cover and have to take out a bunch of targets that are shooting back at you. The graphic claim to be that of consoles, though very close there just a little bit off. Still better than the graphics for most of the game on mobile devices today.

Enemies can range from humanoid targets to huge flying ships that are taken down easier with rocket launchers and other heavy weaponry. Choose your pass mid way through mission by take the easy way or the hard way. Doing things the hard way will earn more rewards and isn’t always that difficult.

Lots of fun little objectives to complete for each mission which will earn you stars that open up new areas. Kill lots of bad guys to increase you level and purchase better gear for the long fight ahead.

Your not gonna be bored with the large amount of gameplay available. Add in the offline play that’s lets you disconnect from dirty WiFi and take your playing experience to places it was never meant to go.

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  1. does this game requires net connection to play

  2. Is it having offline campaign

  3. Overkill 3 is not moving to mission 26, i have completed 25 mission ???

    Can any one guide me..

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