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Pocket Gothic Wiki Guide Tip Tricks FAQ CheatsA Pocket Gothic Wiki with Guides, Tip and Tricks, FAQ and potential Cheats. Pocket Gothic is a RPG developed by Fedeen Games and is only available for Android on Google Play, though there is online chatter of an iOS version I have yet to find one.

This Pocket Gothic Wiki will be updated regularly depending on traffic with more guides, faq’s, cheats, Tips and Tricks. Check back in the near future for more content and ask any questions in the comments below along with user submitted info.

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BlueStacks – This apps runs perfect when using the BlueStacks emulator for the PC or Mac. You can tap the keyboard icon on the bottom menu in BS for key mapping and to assign the keyboard to joysticks on screen as well as assigning other controls, basically using your keyboard on the PC or Mac to play Android games. Use Xpadder for controller support.

Bosses – When faced with bosses try to launch all attacks if possible and make sure they all hit. Now retreat to charge skills again if tons more HP still remains, this will prevent HP loss from boss attacks. Otherwise stay in close and finish them off. For the most part it’s gonna come down to how much power your character has so if things get to tough time to upgrade the main character and companions.

Normal Enemies – When running through the pre-boss parts of stages be sure to keep using skills. Since time is an issues is best to find a good balance between skill cooldowns and dealing regular damage. Make sure to have a full charge on everything when facing bosses.


Many mobile games like these wont have any cheats due to the way they make profit. The less they give for free the less money they stand to loose. Couldn’t be too hard to come up with something creative along the lines of cheats and in game modifications.


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