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Prize Claw 2 ClawsStarting at when you reach level 10 different Claws can be found and changed out in Prize Claw 2. these are the biggest factor in moving through the game besides completing challenges. Some are much better than others when it comes to rewards. Things really start to get fun when you find ones that have multiple effects.

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How To Use

After reaching level 10 the claw button will become available in Machines. You will also get little treasure chest that will randomly drop during gameplay. They may be more programed than random and better quality claws will only appear when your a higher level.

Each one can be upgraded using Tickets that can be acquired by orbs, missions, claw bonuses, selling prizes and buying them with gems and real money.

Using one for the first time will always trigger it’s effect. So it’s advised to use it at least once if your planning on getting ride of it. You can sell the ones you don’t plan on using for a small fraction of the Tickets spent to upgrade it.

Im not sure if these will fall at the same time for everyone or if they are programmed to fall at certain achievement points.

Claws in Inventory - Prize Claw 2

Claw Bonuses

Each Claw can have a max of 4 different bonuses. In the beginning you’ll mostly find ones that have one or two, but at later levels they will have up to 4. Each bonus can be upgrade using tickets to a certain pint until it’s maxed out.

Clawnado – Each grab has a chance to spawn a rampaging tornado that collects items! Higher levels create longer lasting tornadoes.

Lightning Storm – Each grab has a chance to cause lightning to strike nearby treasure capsules and collect them! Higher levels increase the chance for more lightning strikes.

Lucky Loot – Each grab has a chance to award Coins, Tickets, and XP! Higher levels give more resources. When pick anything you you will instantly receive coins, XP, and tickets, amount can be random.

Can easily pay itself off for ticket upgrade costs. Well worth investment is you get this early, Max out ASAP. The rate it goes off seems to be time based, after coming back after awhile it hits 2 times in a row right away.

More Coming Soon…

Claw List

Starter Claw – The basic one you start with that has no bonuses.

Enhanced Claw – Clawnado – The first one you get which is part of the training process.

Dream Hunter – Lucky Loot

Gatherer – Lightning Strike

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