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Prize Claw 2 MachinesMachines are different playing environments in Prize Claw 2. To unlock new machines your only choice is to level up, there is no shortcut. Each one has it’s own set of trophy’s to collect.

When finishing trophy set you will increase certain things in the game like XP earned and prizes in Capsules. For the most part collections are completely rigged so if your not getting somethings and it’s last on the list it’s because the game is programmed that way.

Each machine seems to have a balance between Capsules and Prizes. So if your focusing on Prizes only eventually you’ll run out leaving the playing field mostly balls. You need to get more of something if your starting to run out of the other.

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Prize Claw 2 Machines

Arcade – Set a high score at the local Arcade. This will be the first machine played. The scene is set in an arcade with others game around in the background.


  • Mice – Increases the number of coins in your Coin Bonus.
  • Dogs – More Tickets in Capsules.
  • Cats – More coins in Capsules.
  • Birds – Increase XP gain from all items.
  • Ponies – Reduces the timer on how often your Coin bonus is ready to collect.
  • Monkeys – Raise the chance to find better Claws.

Boardwalk Lv 18 -Take a stroll on the boardwalk and enjoy the seaside attractions.

Deep Sea Lv 30 – Explore an underwater wonderland filled with treasure.

Lost Ruins Lv 40 – Discover hidden riches deep withing the jungle.

Fantasy Land Lv 48 – Experience an adventure fit for a king.

More Comming Soon…

Tips: When unlocking a new machine it will be more cost efficient to work for prize bonuses there. The amount of prizes needed per trophy will be much less that in the larger number you’ll need for past played areas. Unless of course your close to completing something, then you should finish up before moving on. This will help speed up the game and earn bigger rewards for your time.

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  1. When are new machines coming out already completed them all the last machine says coming soon.
    Thank you,

  2. How long do we have to wait for the next Claw 2 machine?

  3. I’ve been waiting on the new machine to open up FOREVER….when is it going to open? If you’re not going to open it then I’m deleting the game.

    • have you heard anything back on when a new machine is coming out, i see this goes back to november

      • No I have never heard back from anyone regarding the last machine. I’ve even made a 2 bday acct and became friends so I have one friend but no one else I know who plays the game. I’d like to move forward on this game if possible. Please help.

  4. No one has contacted me. It’s crazy. If you would like to be Facebook friends to see if having 3 friends will make a difference feel free to add me.

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