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Prize Claw 2 Wiki GuideThis is a Prize Claw 2 Wiki with Guides and info on various game features. Prize Claw 2 is a casual app developed by Game Circus LLC and available on Android and iOS. Check back in the near future as this Prize Claw 2 Wiki along with it’s guides can be updated daily depending on popularity.

Prize Claw 2 Wiki Guide

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For the short amount of time this game has been on the market it sure has gained popularity fast. When first starting up Prize Claw 2 you’ll notice that everything is drawn very well and the mechanics work good.

The object of the app is to use your claw to grab different prizes in the machine. There are different animals to grab all grouped together in their own prize category. When you collect the required amount of each animal in a group you’ll area a passive upgrade. The passives upgrade can range from more exp gain from all actions to more gold earned from grabbing orbs.

You can also trade the pets for tickets which can be used to improve the claw. This will set you back when it comes to passive improvements though and tickets might be gotten better else where, like orbs. Pets are worth 110 tickets per star rarity so 3 star pets are worth 30 tickets, but smaller drop rate.

This app is very time bases in that the only time you get free coins to play with is by waiting for the 2 hour hand out. Other than that you’ll have to complete free offers or play with real money. Free offer actually offer a decent amount of coin. If used wisely is get you pretty far.

There are various mission to be completed to keep the play busy. When each is completed you’ll earn experience. Leveling up allows you to move ahead on the world map. After so many levels have been reached you’ll unlock new table that have themes.

This is a great time killer for those who are looking for something fresh and new. It’s always good to try out the best game on the list even when they may be outside your box. You never now what something really is by just looking at the cover. Some of the funnest apps I’ve play where some completely different than what i thought it was at first.


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