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Quest Keeper ArtifactsQuest Keeper Artifacts will increase you heart count by 1/2 for everyone found. You’ll need 2 though to gain any kind of benefit as everything does 1 heart worth of damage. There is one artifact per quest plus 4 more that can be found randomly when reaching a certain points in a dungeon for a total of 14.

Artifacts will always appear in a purple chest whether is the very end or mid way through a quest. The purple chest in the middle of quest are often out of reach and will need a certain torch, staff or pair of shoes to reach it. The distance for all quests but the first one, Eternal Quest of the Dark Order, is 300 steps forward. After recovering the artifacts in a certain quest the next time you complete it you’ll get a reward of gold instead.

The best way to get to the end of quests is to use the Crossy Cleats of the Beatnik Porpoise. They cost 2500 gold but are well worth the price and allow the player to take one step at a time. This makes many of the difficult situations much easier to deal with, though there is still the occasional glitch where an area will be unpassable.

I wuold try to open up all the quest then focus on the ones that can be completed easy. By then you should have enough health to push through the rest of them.

Quest Keeper Artifacts

  1. Diviners Sage – A rare herb grown by the Oracle of Ozar found in the Call of the Twisted Path.
  2. Axe of the Minotaur – Found in the Cult of the Blade.
  3. Angel Feather -
  4. Venomous Fang -
  5. Charred Obelisk -
  6. Blade of the Great Knight -
  7. Corrupt Mechanism -
  8. Bow of the Undead -
  9. The Zenith Sphere -
  10. ???
  11. ???
  12. ???
  13. ???
  14. ???

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  1. 3. Angel Feather – A mystical plume from an angel’s wing
    4. Venomous Fang – A spider fang brimming with a deadly cocktail
    5. Charred Obelisk – A sacred pillar the Order of the Flame
    6. Blade of the Great Knight – An ancient relic the Old War
    7. Corrupt Mechanism – An archaic part of a cursed machine
    8. Bow of the Undead – A trusted weapon of the skeleton armies
    9. The Zenith Sphere – A gateway to the Realm of Chaos
    10. Shrunken head of Tyson the Dev – Lightly salted
    11. Inspirational Chicken – Enjoys long walks aross the road
    12. Science-Based, 100% Dragon MMO – The only copy in existence
    13. Shiny Bitcoin – (internet not included)
    14. Gnome Child – Browses dank memes

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