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Quest Keeper Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsThe Quest Keeper Wiki with multiple Guides and FAQ’s along with some Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Quest Keeper is an Adventure Role Playing game developed by Tyson Ibele and is available both for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Quest Keeper Wiki including all the Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips, Tricks and Cheats depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for more content and updated posts.

Quest Keeper Wiki

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Artifacts – There are 14 Artifacts that can be found and each one will give an extra half heart of life. You’ll need two artifacts for one heart piece for the effects to do any good. Life is important for the many obstacles that do harm beside falling and other instant deaths. To get artifacts you have to complete quests besides the first one call The Quest of the Dark Order.

Death – Though a master gamer may disagree with me, death is somethings that’s gonna happen a lot. It’s okay to fall in holes, get stabbed by spikes and drown in rivers. The only penalty is starting over keeping everything that you found on the run. You can find symbols on the ground that when touched will let you restart there for a gold, these are usually located on the outside edges of the stage area.

Logs – The stream with a log floating down it can be a difficult hurdle for many. The trick is to rest on the right side , then jump on the log as soon as it is within range. Gear can be purchased at the start to slow logs, walk on water and the amazing Crossy Cleats of the Beatnik Porpoise which allow the player to move one square at a time.

Resting – A fun feature in this game is that you can rest on things even during a long run. When things start to get iffy or your loosing focus just rest your player on something and take a break.

Money $ – Money is found in blue, red, and yellow chests during runs and in mystery chests after going the distance. Money is need to unlock new quests, special footwear, staffs and suits. Quest are need to play in different locations along with finding all the Artifacts. The3 boot and staffs will add special bonus that have many obstacles much easier. You could save up $2,500 for the Beatnik Porpoise Cleats so you can move only 1 square at a time. The cleats will make to game much easier, but can be a little on the slow going side.

Mystery Chest – Every time you attempt a stage you will close the distance to a Mystery Chest that’s waiting at the end. There isn’t actually a chest waiting at the end, you will get a reward when the run is over reaching the end. When finished a new one will appear. If you change quest the chest w and it’s distance to complete will stay the same.

Quests – In the middle of the starting area there is a pedestal where you can choose 1 of 10 different quests. They will cost money to open so its a good idea to save gold for new quests early on.

Save Spots – On the ground while running the gauntlet there will be purple symbols on the ground standing on these will active a save spot where you can choose to start from again for $ if you die. The Survival Staff of the Vampire Hunter will automatically active save spots when in range. This can be useful for saving without having to get close to the symbols in tough situations.

Suits – 1 of 22 different suits can be worn to have unique looks. They will have to be purchased at the start and equip there to be used. All of the suits cost $150 each and there is really no difference besides the look.


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