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Rise of Darkness Wiki Guide FAQ Tip Trick CheatA growing Rise of Darkness Wiki with Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheats and more. Rise of Darkness is a Role Playing game developed by Tony CMGE and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Rise of Darkness Wiki along with the Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheat and other things can be updated regularly depending on popularity. Please leave any questions or helpful info in the comments below.

Rise of Darkness Wiki

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Arena – Challenge others from around the world and see who’s the best.

Best Class – With the large number of playable characters choosing the best class can seem not so obvious. Play style can be a big factor, but some are going to be better than others in some situations.

Demonic Tower – Challenge Bosses and Minions as you race to the top. Earn rare items that can give gameplay a boost.

Demon Wing

Gift Pack

Guild – Joining a guild is a great way to play with others online. The two choices are to start your own guild or join somebody else’s. Having your own can be a lot of responsibility , though you’ll get full control.

Fiend Transformation – Turn into different Fiends that offer power and benefits to battle.

Inferno Mode – Play against players and monster while you dominate and capture different dungeons for rewards.

Multiplayer – Join with others and play together on teams.

Skills and Runes – Upgrade skills with runes to change how enemies are attacked.

Trial Mode – Collect tons of loot while completing various challenges.

(User Warning: A funny thing about the release of this title is that somebody called NewGame copied this app and re-uploaded it to Google Play. As of June 12, 2015 the copied version is ranked number 1 in the Role Playing section while the real game is ranked 7th. You can tell the fraud copy by it’s version number 1.2.36663. Not sure how they managed to outrank someone with their own game, but looks like there’s some issues on Google’s end.

Update June 16, 2015, now the copied unplayable version is ranked 5th on the top free apps list. Since this has gone on so long and now gotten worse it almost looks like Google wants this. Could be another warning reference to the collapse of the US in 2015. They could be saying get ready for online mobile gaming to disappear, but thanks for playing and not paying attention so we could do our will.

Jade Helm 15 blitz, Bilerderg massively protected this year, and many other potential terrorist activities.  False flags by government and others seem to be happening everywhere all the time lately. Main stream media is super busy reporting complete lies and fabricated stories. Some predict that the TPP will flood America with people from every country only to be destroyed by the intentionally erupted Yellow Stone Volcano. Financial collapse is said to possibly happen around Sept 2015.)

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  1. Why is all this paranoid bullshit about ‘Jade Helm’ and the ‘collapse of the US’ on this guide?

  2. First of all no the game wasn’t stolen or copied by another person. When they updated it something did happen to the original Rise of Darkness on google play but it wasn’t done by an out side source. If it WAS stolen they wouldn’t be still continue adding things like they planned too. Here’s an idea perhaps there was 2 owners of the game and one bought the other out and happen the logo replaced with (NewGame). That does happen smart guy.

  3. whats is the real cheat for this fckg game ??? RISE OF DARKNESS

  4. How do you upgrade the royalty on the game

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