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Rush of Heroes Arena Regular Challenge Courage ShopThe Rush of Heroes Arena is a place to face others in PvP. Their are 2 different modes including Normal Battle and Challenge Battle which opens up at level 50.

For a list of everything related visit the Rush of Heroes Wiki. Please leave any questions and helpful insight in the comments.


Each time you move up a rank in Regular you’ll gt a Rune gift send to the Mailbox based on how high you moved up. When you get knocked down, and you will, climbing back up will not get Runes again unless you got a higher rank than before.

Keep track of enemy stats to improve off of. Check to see who has the highest DPS on the opposite side and take note as they may be better than anything you’ve got. This is a great tactic to grow stronger.


Challenge unlocks when the player reaches level 50. This mode allows for 8 characters to be picked for warfare with a ban/pick process.

Courage Shop

You can redeem your Courage points from daily rewards given at 8:oo pm every day based on rankings. The better the ranking the better the bonus, this can be view in the rules. The shop is a great place to get cheap pieces for Olanbark and General who are both very strong for their type.

Tips and Tricks

Higher Rank – Playing others that are close to your level or below it can be a great way to move ahead in the ranking.

Getting Better – Always check the stats after fighting others. This is the absolute best way to find better DPS heroes. When you get defeated or beat someone with a very high DPS and better than yours it’s best to see if getting that hero is obtainable. There are an absolute ton of worthless heroes that you’ll end up wasting your time with. To minimize on this check our post on the Best Hero, Tank, DPS, Healer & Team

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