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Rush of Heroes Best Hero Tank DPS Healer TeamA Rush of Heroes Best Hero with insight and public polls. For a growing list of everything related check out the Rush of Heroes Wiki, Guide & FAQ.

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Rush of Heroes Best Hero


5 party members can be taken into battle at one time making the possibilities for combinations great out of the 40 total characters to choose from. Having a Tank and a Healer will make the strongest party in many cases. Each class has it’s advantages and they should all be used. Having a high level Team will be one of the biggest winning factors. I would keep lots of exp consumables on hand for when getting someone good and being able to level them fast right away.

The third skill slot can be for summons which can stay in battle as another friendly helper healing or dealing damage. Classes with these are usually much strong and more useful than others. Also, characters with the words massive in the skills are mostly the best in certain areas.

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Since their are so few Tanks any one you can get your hands on will be good at first. Later on you might want a couple to hold back the tides. It might be a good idea to use exp boosters on these guys for a stronger link. Every party will need at least one of these guys to take the damage at the front. All other classes can be very squishy and will die easily if not protected by a tank.

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There are 2 different types of DPS units. The first will hit single targets hard while the other type will target group, but usually deal less damage per hit. Single hitters are best for boss fight while group hitters are best for fighting groups of enemies.

Ranged attackers seem to have much higher damage output though their HP can be very low like a glass cannon so they must be protect by at least one Tank. I think end game is about DPS so finding hard hitters is the key to being #1.

Larren – This guy is abnormally tough consistently getting the most DPS. I think you get Larren to start with and you should stick with him until finding someone better. When fighting in the Arena I look to see if they have this guy and Little Sister, if not I can usually win with close levels.

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Because there are so few Healers they are all good. You should upgrade the first one gotten for some serious increase to survivability. This is a must have class that will keep a party alive with HP recovery. I would keep this class close to max level with exp booster for maximum healing. Using more than one healer can be an unfair advantage in many areas.

Scrofa Elder is by far the most useful healer out of the 5 available. You can look through their various skills yourself and notice that Elder has much more HP recover than the rest. All others seem to be for a little recovery, but geared more towards damage and buffs. It looks like the developers have limited HP regain because of it’s huge advantages. The 3rd skill for Life Totem will heal a ton of party HP in every battle.

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I was in a Guild and I guess the guy abandoned it and left me in charge. It’s called “tiniki” without quotes and is currently level 3. Send us and app and we’ll accept everybody. Will have to filter out folks who don’t donate though for faster Guild development for the regular players. Everyone should at least donate 10,000 gold every day for the daily bonus.

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  1. Based on my personal experiences, here are some recommended characters for PVP, Trials, and Leveling.

    Tanks: Olanbark, Ancient Giant
    Healers: Lady, Madam White
    DPS: Big Sister, Gandling, Princess Mara, Syndra

    Tanks: Olanbark
    Healers: Mouss, Madam White
    DPS: Gandling, Princess Mara

    Tanks: Olanbark
    Healers: Madam White
    DPS: Eymotta, Frost Prince, Gandling

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