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Rush of Heroes Frostland Merit Shop Refresh RulesA Rush of Heroes Frostland Guide with info on the  Merit Shop, Refreshing, Rules and Tips. For a full list of everything related visit the Rush of Heroes Wiki.

Frostlands is very similar to the Arena, Trials Tower and other parts of the game where specific currency can only be earned and spent there. Increasing your players level will also increase the level of enemies and the difficulty.

Frostland Guide

Death – When a player dies you will have two choices. The first is to pause and quit the match which will let you retry for free and bring dead characters back to life. The second way involves completing the mission and moving on without them. All dead character will reset everyday.

Merit Points – Merit Points are earned when defeating every third enemy and when beating the final 110th enemy. The further you get the more points will be earned.

Merit Shop – The Merit Shop is another place to find Hero shards/pieces and various items. Larren, Madem White and Barrelcow can be upgraded very fast to 5 star rank when doing well in Frostland.

The Shop can be Refreshed at 9pm every day and by spending Merit points which will increase in cost the more it’s done. This can be used to rank up the 3 heroes above quickly. Most of the items sold are full and not pieces which can really help upgrading a party faster and building up the Best Hero.

Never Die Cheat – At any time during a match you can leave and replay it at any time even if almost everyone died. This is a great way to make sure you get to the end with trying many combinations without waiting. I would take full advantage of this if your a serious player as this is an obvious programing flaw and could be fixed at any time. Unless they did it on purpose in which case they are awesome.

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