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WW3I really can’t stand absolute horrible people controlling others lives who should be free and way better off. For that reason I’m making assumptions about possible man made terrorist events that could occur around or kick-off on September 23rd, 2015, I hope you brought some boots, sorry in advance, better apology at the end (Shields Up).

So far September 2015 looks like the biblical month to show hands. Many say destruction could occur 2 a.m. Sept 23rd, 2015 from ??? all people who show hate towards God like Madonna and her nephilim joker wannabe devil worshiper army of mislead flesh bags. Maybe 2 a.m. is when most of it will be over after starting around midnight. Maybe around the last blood moon Sept 27-28? (Update: On Sept 24th, 2015 low rank US military were asked if they would work during an emergency indicating possible weekend attack) This could easily trigger a martial law gun grab FEMA round up.

And the Pope said “It’sss okay to eat the fruit from that tree”. What’s the Pope reading from if it’s not using the Bible? Bilderberg Script?

There is so much energy spent on destroying life or increasing the rate of reproduction so they can profit off death more. The elite are laughable handyheads that couldn’t find their back side’s if they were naked in a room of mirrors with a free energy flashlight. The things people will do for a paycheck is unending.

If ol’JC shows up like Christians believe then the elite mise well just delete their whole agenda, your time to rein is over, your end game was an illusion, and it came down like a thief in the night. God knows those earthquakes are reeking havoc on ancient underground preppers, cities and transportation. Is CERN causing earthquakes testing for the big shake? Targeting enemies? Maybe pulling in space debris? No, not a huge magnet, where just trying to open a portal shortcut to hell like all the propaganda is telling you, I smell Bilderberg (Added to Dictionary). Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

I thought dimensional travel happened around the 1950’s. The closest thing to portals at CERN are probably toilets. They could try to pull in something big enough then C4 some volcanoes, couple waves, little lightning, wow it looks like end times! They could be redirecting a huge metal chunk already incoming and there really is end/beginning/birth times happening aka Revelations hence the Star of Bethlehem 2015.

Bla bla bla all day…they can’t even do a false flag right!?!?!?!?!? (Insert MSM with crisis actor news casters here) OVERPAYED!!!!! Is that all you got? Scraping the bottom of the barrel? A valiant effort I do say, though failure, so not first then… last? If MSM turned into on Transformer Sept 23rd, 2015 they’d probably be like, jkshfjkjhajkfhaejhag Under the Bus Mode! When people know too much helicopters crash.

Where am I…

WW3 Giant Military/Population Purge…Again, Hello!?!?

You might have joined the military because of some smooth talking brainwash machine at a local mall or a complete void of truth commercial. Want the potential truth? Uncle Sam wants to use you and then throw you away when he’s done. Maybe not the old Sam, but the new Sam for sure or should I say, Samantha.

In WW2 there was this huge military move of stupidity called Bay of Pigs. They didn’t even give most of those poor souls a gun or ammo coming off the boat. If that wasn’t an obvious move by multiple countries friend/foe to eliminate military I don’t know what is. Can’t have all the awake oorah’s coming back home and taking America for the people again in the name of God, which is probably natural. You sighed the contract and you know the consequences, expendable with poor medical care and infinite mystery injections.

Looks like WW3 is coming around again very soon. I’m thinking WW3 has been going on for years now, but the elite are ready for their mass removal of military/population phase. I would feel more secure at home protecting my family since obama has let ISIS, terrorist immigrants, sleeper cells and corrupt gov loose in the US. Didn’t they just replace all the crier Generals who hate death with those who don’t care, you don’t want that kind of boss. Your probably waaaaaaay better off at home protecting it than doing what your told by someone you don’t know. The scariest thing for American invaders is if the whole US military quit and went home. I think the Bible talks about 1/4 of the population controlled by satin illusions in the end, I put my money on most of the military include.

ISIS/CorruptMillitaryUSChinaFranceAustraliaCanada (all fake leader countries) gonna try to strike at the churches and Christians, Yellow Stone other underground explosives, EMP (goodbye non emp proof tracking, insert wave here). I wouldn’t really like someone who was hating on me for being straight, wouldn’t try to go crazy hurt everybody though. I don’t think it’s a gay issue, just elite using homosexuality to their advantage. If gay’s (not all) hate GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and CHRISTIANITY so much they’ll hate anything and are perfect leaders for a WW3 purge control grab christian removal. Who else works hard against God? People with the most money are potentially the biggest problem, mans desires to rule the world as he see’s fit is probably inevitable.

People who want full control and big bankers probably don’t want a bunch of badaces walking around, their gonna turn you down or off with vaccines and Bay of Pig scenarios. I wonder if they have a special vaccine for 33 year old’s waking up or if that’s something they take care of earlier?

If I had all the money in the world I’d help everyone so much I would have to supply unlimited handkerchiefs cause they would be crying all day from happiness, or I would just get off their backs so they can do things themselves like free energy that someone invents every month. I wouldn’t want all the money in the world though, hot potato, just need nutrition and some peace and quite, oh ya, and a thing called freedom sprinkled with some adamantium truth.

God’s awesome because he gives tons of warnings (assuming he’s real with rules). It’s the people who don’t listen and don’t see it coming that potentially suffer the most, just after the folks working against God completely. I wonder if this was another warning? If you said “yes” your right!

I’m pretty sure Nazi Dr’s are still working at the VA in 2015 doing intentional harm to United States Veterans via surgery, tests, drugs, misinformation, no information, food, water and air. Super mega high treason in a special little NSA algorithm query search file save named Nazi right after Naughty in a folder called Quacks. Does your doc/nurse smile or look happier when they cause you pain via tests? What’s that say about the people running those buildings? Are they that compartmentalized and clueless? I have lot’s of family that survived war only to be killed by VA care, probably a budget and control thing.

On the yearly income of a few little VA kid doctors we could give every veteran the 90 Essential Nutrients (Prevent Birth Defects & Live Way Longer Fix Tons – Gray hair, gone – Diabetes Type 2, 2-14 days gone – Arthritis, what Arthritis?) plus everything by Dr. Joel Wallach, BTT 2.0 Tablets anyone, 160,000 ORAC daily easy and cheap then? And one of everything from spear tip of light natural remedies, water purifier, and product haven. Fix all those health problems like they never existed, potentially. I think it’s way past due for a mass retraining/firing and huge wake up calls for all these humans running around with fake knowledge and master tissue paper matrix degrees.


If your doctor looks like a handicap, that’s your first clue their clueless. Average age of medical doctors is like 50, they all wrote a book about it called Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, it’s probably gotten way worse since the book came out, 45?, maybe in 10 years. Would you take health advice from a 500 pound guy? “I just saw you paint that house over there, it was thee absolute worst job I’ve ever seen, would you paint my house? I can pay extra!? Hold on, your saying that those people will die soon because of your import paint choice? I’m all in!!!”

You have a way better chance of survival searching online for health advice than most things that come out of most doctors mouth, 2+2 is 5? Prescriptions = your slow death and a big house for the doctor, plus they gotta pay off those student loans, fake knowledge isn’t cheap. Natural cures are everywhere for almost everything, just Google it and avoid the word “treatment”, keep note of who’s saying “treatment” as you might want to report/block their websites with a spam blocker, unless it’s one of those birth defects that cant be cured after the fact like scoliosis, but should have been prevented by a pediatrician thingy. Hurting people ranking #1 on Google and not illegal? I feel Google would tell the truth if they didn’t have a bunch of elite psycho paths breathing down their necks.

It’s illegal for probably most cookie cut Harvard docs to give the health info I just did because it might not make money long term. They can loose their job, go to jail, get assassinated by peers (quicker than normal), and who knows what else. Ever notice how Dr’s are so darn quite when you ask them questions, “I don’t know” they say, which is like saying “I know what I do is bad, but I get paid a lot”. I guess the price is right.

What’s done in the darkness is done in the light, technically.

I’m just a concerned citizens that doesn’t want to see, hear, experience or have anything to do with hurting innocent people. We learn karma on our own, not in school, think about it, insert Jeopardy music here, please leave your answer comments in the form of a question or it’s magically wrong like chains on God tech.

I apologize if I offended anyone, I’m really wound up from all this September WW3 propaganda. Not really sure what I just said. If everything just got better for everyone that would be the best thing, cross your fingers. Unfortunately, life has rules like when an economy collapses and there’s no food. I guess my main message is to PREPARE NOW!!!!! and get ready to bug out encase your house is destroyed by nature or man. May you have infinite ultimate protection through this giant mess and may all evil intentions go away forever, gotta aim high.

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