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Shipwrecked Volcano Island WalkthroughA Shipwrecked Volcano Island Walkthrough with basic information and insight into the future. For the most part things are pretty obvious. Just keep moving forward and try to focus on the Missions. Mission can give some of the best reward and they often unlock new features and raise the bar. Don’t forget to check YouTube for Shipwrecked Volcano Island Walkthroughs.

For this type of came you gonna have to thing about time in that it’s not really a race. Since you have to wait so much it’s more suited for short bursts of gameplay. You could spend a lot of time building tons of things that build fast which can make more in the long run though.

The awesome thing about games like these is that once you get going you can spent lots of time or very little. Make a whole bunch of short timer items for quick profit or place things that take days to complete and do something else in the mean time, like play other apps.

For more info visit the Shipwrecked: Volcano Island Wiki Guide. Check back as this Walkthrough can be updated daily.

Shipwrecked Volcano Island Walkthrough

Starting Out

When starting the game for the first time there is going to be some learning. You want get full control of things until after a few hoops are jumped through. It;s you topical learning curve when starting a new game.


Silver will be the most used currency in hte game. You will need it to build and place most structures. It can be earned from completing missions, buildings, and by planting crops.

Crops will be the best way to get silver. Just plant what you can afford and has the highest return on investment. Some may cost a lot by not pay out so good in the end.


Gold is a paid currency that is needed to place special buildings. These building are usually much better than their silver alternatives and will improve production rates overall.


Spirit is liek a payed currency. It comes along very slowly while play. The best place to find Spirit early is by claiming the reward on your Shipwrecked Shelter. It only takes 1 minute to recharge each reward and seems to offer a random amount from 1 to 10.

Spirit is mostly used for speeding up things that require waiting.



Getting Energy


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